What the WWE Talent who worked Xmas got

Didnt see if this reported on here

To do something special for the Superstars working on Christmas, WWE officials threw a backstage Christmas party at Monday’s RAW in Chicago, according to PWInsider. Word is that the company also paid the hotel bills in Chicago for the RAW and SmackDown rosters this week as a way to say thank you for being away from their families over the Christmas holiday.

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How dare they…those monsters :sob:

I’m grossed out that WWE doesn’t already pay for hotels as it is. The talent has to pay for their own accommodation even though the travel is a required part of the job? That’s kinda bullshit.


You’d think it’d be theoretically cheaper too - a hotel chain would probably be super down for giving WWE a pretty rad corporate rate. Makes me wonder about all the production staff and the “lower-down” crew.

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I believe the crew and all general employees get hotels(and rental cars) paid for them as these are actual employees where the “independent contractors” pay for their own stuff(apart from Mania week, foreign tours etc).

These people children? They need this company to do everything for them?

If they have pay for everyone…then every promoter will be expected to do the same.

Hey! If Kevin McCallister can pay for a hotel during the Christmas Holiday? So…

But seriously. WWE did above and beyond what any promoter would do. I mean a Christmas bonus would be more than expected?

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There’s a difference between what a local indie fed should do for part-time performers versus what a publicly multi-million dollar company should offer full-time employees. For any other industry (whether it’s a professional sport, industrial corporation etc.), they’d be arranging and paying for the accommodations of their employees.

With that said, if the typical WWE pay scale considers travel and accommodation costs (which I’d assume it does), there are probably a lot of lower-card wrestlers who’d prefer the current system, since they can probably save some money here and there by cutting costs themselves, and at the end of the day walk away with the extra cash in hand.

If I worked for a company and travel was expected, including long stays away from home, there’s no way I’d be arranging it for myself. It’s one thing on the independent circuit, that’s expected, but when I’m travelling the world, living out of a suitcase, and working for a publicly traded, million dollar enterprise, they best be sorting out my travel and accommodation.

That the 'E still classifies it’s exclusive talent as “independent contractors” is such a con too.

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I’d love to know which hotel WWE contracted for this “gift” to the talent for working Christmas – in Rosemont (near the AllState arena), one of the suburban O’Hare hotels or a downtown hotel.

In past it was always the Hyatt. Not sure now. Maybe the Ambiance on Manheim. Lol just kidding

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My money is that WWE booked the talent at the O-MI at 5611 N Lincoln Ave; their Yelp reviews are intriguing :wink: