What Way Do You Watch NJPW?

Hey POSTmarks!
Wanted to know which devices you all use to watch NJPWWorld. I use my Xbox. Works almost perfect. Had to watch in low-res. Hi-res would stop in every match. Used a different browser than the Xbox one too.

Most of the time I chromecast from my browser or phone

I’ve been using Amazon Fire TV. I’m happy with the quality but the FF/Rewind functions aren’t great compared to other apps.


Amazon fire tv as well. Agree with everything @SeanDMC said.

I will also cast it with TV Cast to a roku if I’m in a different room, and that works OK except for trying to fast forward or rewind.

I watch through my computer, but I have my TV plugged into my computer via HDMI

I’ve hooked up my PC via HDMI to my TV and it worked fine. I’ve now transitioned to Chromecast and it works even better.

Amazon firestick. As others have said the rewind/ff is awful, and i could really use the ‘continue watching’ option the wwe network has. The picture and quality is top notch though.

On my computer or on my TV with an HDMI Cable connecting the two.

At work i stream live on the desktop baby.
At home its the laptop or smart tv. Rarely ever use a small phone screen

Watched it with my Amazon Fire stick.

Airplay from iPad to Apple TV

I either Chromecast off my tablet or phone. I also use the Amazon fire stick. Definitely love New Japan world.

Casting from my laptop to my tv via New Japan World. Works great.

Last year all I used was my phone. This year I used both Chromecast and Firestick. While they were both awesome the morning of WK12, when I went back to watch it again, the firestick didn’t want to cooperate at all, which fits with my overall experience with the firestick. Chromecast is the superior experience and I wish they would put out a PS4 app.

Either my laptop or on my Apple TV through my phone.

use the Xbox one edge browser in high res, have a stupid fast internet connection so it isn’t a issue I don’t have cable anymore just internet for all my needs

I watch on my laptop (Low-res if live, less buffering, which if fine) or on my phone if i’m out.

I’m using Fire TV. It streams just fine, but you have to log in again every day you launch it. I haven’t tried a browser on Xbox or Fire TV yet…the app is fine.

You’d think a PS4 app would make sense. I recall reading somewhere that streaming devices are not as big in japan though, which may be part of why they went with Amazon for their first app.

Interesting. Didn’t know Japan wasn’t big on streaming.