Whats WWE's issue with Becky Lynch?

She’s probably one of the more popular female wrestlers in the company but she hasn’t had a feud since Alexa Bliss was still on SmackDown. I’ve heard that Kevin Dunn and Vince apparently don’t like her accent but that seems like a nothing reason not to push her. With Bayley destroyed, Becky Lynch has the potential to be the biggest female baby face in the company. Charlotte is better as a heel as well. Makes no sense that they don’t see much value in her.

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I don’t think there’s any specific reason she’s not being utilized more significantly, I just think she’s gotten lost in the shuffle. A move to RAW would’ve been the right decision.

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I agree it’s a shame as there’s a lot they can build off. The only thing I’m thinking they might do is have Carmella retain and you go with Becky as the next challenger but ultimately Asuka will win the title. She’s in a tight spot as Charlotte and Asuka are without a doubt the bigger stars out the three.

Her character and promos are horrible. She is a below average worker also.

Would hit that though. That is the only thing she has going for her.

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I think that “cute and funny” isn’t the Fed’s MO right now, that’s why Becky and Bayley are in a rut.

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For as long as there is only one title (per brand) and no tag division, there will be several talent but under-utilized women, and right now Becky Lynch is one of them. It’s only going to get worse with the return of co-branded PPVs. Two titles plus whatever Rousey is doing (until they put her in a title program) is pretty much the WWE’s limit for women’s matches for a major show. I think she has a lot of to offer, but she’s clearly one of the odd women out right now. Hope that changes… she gets a good reaction (catchy entrance doesn’t hurt) and needs a shot to capitalize on that and get over while the people still care.

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Cant say i am a fan of this character you are playing.

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Careful man. If you keep speaking the truth and going against the groupthink, you’re going to get this thread closed like the Greatest Royal Rumble thread.

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Besides the fact that Kevin Dunn hates accents and that the edict is clear that Charlotte is always in the top mix the reason why Becky is lost in the shuffle is because she hasn’t had a good storyline for a long time.

My thought as always been that out of the four horsewomen Becky was always the less important one of the four. It’s not because she not talented or doesn’t have charisma because she does, in fact i feel out of the four, she’s the most talented in both category, It’s mostly because of who she is. By that i mean, she doesn’t have connection or a good backstory for them to get behind.

The fact is, Charlotte got the hard push when she debuted because of her dad, that’s the reason why she got push so hard in NXT and even harder in WWE. There’s no denying it, if it wasn’t for Ric, Charlotte wouldn’t be in the position she’s in right now.

Sasha got push to the moon for the same reason but this time, is because her uncle is Snoop dog and we all know how WWE management love celebrity endorsement so Sasha got push hard at first because of this. Plus they needed somebody to make Charlotte look good.

Bayley got push because of her backstory. The fact that she was a legit fan of the product and her dream was to become a WWE superstar and win the title was the reason they got behind her.

Becky really got nothing going for her. She not connected to anybody famous, She average looking and doesn’t have a backstory that they can really market to their audience. She’s just miss quirky becky lynch that’s the sidekick of charlotte at the moment. The only time they really got behind her was when she was the only horsewoman on smackdown because they didn’t have anybody else from the group they could focus on which i feel is really bad because she deserve way more then being in the shadow of the other three.

The only way Becky will get some focus on her is if Bayley and Sasha get transfered to smackdown and she goes to raw or if charlotte moves back to raw. Outside of that she pretty much stuck in the best friend role for the rest of her career.

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Why must you turn this board into a house of lies? You know that isn’t true.

Group think…lol

Not thinking about what you’re saying is “free thought” and should be commended if it goes against “group think”… Kanye West having an account on here is great.

Vince and Kevin Dunn don’t find her hot enough. That’s the issue

She lost clean, to Mandy Rose. Mandy Rose… What the fuck!? Talentless blondes will always get privileged treatment from Vince. Being blonde or having famous relatives is the key to success for women in the WWE.

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She speaks…that’s her issue.

Also…the puns.

And give Mandy Rose some time before you label her skillset…only been in the business for like 2 years. Nobody is great right off the bat. That kind of attitude would’ve eliminated Trish Stratus or Alexa Bliss.

I don’t think much of Trish Stratus or Alexa Bliss so I don’t mind. And with her not being so good, maybe she should improve first and look like she can do something before getting any sort of push because it’s extremely obvious why WWE want to push her and it’s not about her talent. #WomensRevolution

Lost me right there.