Where have they gone?

I just wanted to ask where’s Orange Cassidy? I miss him, I was loving his character. I remember he beat Adam Cole and maybe had another couple of matches then has just been seen on stage supporting others.

Thought I’d set up a thread as maybe we can discuss others. Where’s Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Braun Stroman, Marty Janetty…where have they all gone…. Maybe no one else cares :slight_smile:


Orange Cassidy - Injured his shoulder in the ladder match at AEW revolution. He’s made a couple of appearances since with his arm in a sling. Hopefully returning soon in more of a singles role as the Best Friends don’t seem to be doing much.

Cesaro - Left WWE on Feb 24, 2022. Seems to be doing stuff on Twitch. There have been rumors he goes to AEW/ROH or back to WWE.

Bray Wyatt - Teasing a return or announcement of some-kind on Twitter. Rumored to be doing some work in hollywood.

Braun Strowman - Started “Control Your Narrative” which from all accounts look like some kind of right-wing indy promotion.

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Thanks…we may as well close this thread now ha ha.

How about Authors of Pain…I was watching some peak NXT and realised they just disappeared as well. there must be others as well.

How about Elias…just joking.

Authors of Pain are actually kind of interesting. Apparently they are starting a promotion called Wrestling Entertainment Series (WES). They have a very nice website for an indy promotion. https://www.wrestlingentertainmentseries.com/

The roster looks like an NXT house show from 2017.

I thought Nia jax was still in a tag team with SBazler. And I didn’t know Lana had left either…shows how much I keep up. Everyone’s got their own promotion apparently, fair enough. There’s enough talent out there to go around.

Is Enzo still working or did he manage to get his break in Hollywood…cheers for all this knowledge mate, i know I could just google but its more interesting to chat

I recently heard (via a Drew McIntyre interview) that he became a father, so he might be taking time to himself before getting back in the ring. Very much active on Twitch still.

Enzo (now nZo) is still wrestling. He’s a regular with MLW now. He’s also doing music.