Where is John Cena

Shocking that WWE had its biggest week ever and debuted on FOX and true to his catch phrase, John Cena couldn’t be seen. Hard to imagine.

So where is John Cena and is he officially the new Rock?

I think he said he’s off filming Fast 9. Man has definitely made the transition away from pro wrestling.

John Cena‘s great but he wasn’t needed on Fridays show. With the Rock being there, WWE didn’t need him. They didn’t even have time for all the other legends they advertised.

It will just make it more special the next time he does make a return.

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And he’s also filming the sequel to Suicide Squad which should not exist given how bad the first one was.

Well, lets see what James Gunn does I guess, but my expectations are definitely low. My expectations are pretty low for anything DC puts to the big screen right now tbh, which sucks as a fan.

It will be great, but stoopid it’s not part of DCU.
They have work to do on DCU and even though I like Phoenix, would have liked to seem a stand alone Joker movie with Leto that ties into DCU.
But they are dumb.

It has enough good scenes for me.
3 out of 5.
Joker and Deadshot and Pure Sex stole the show. Loved Batman tie in too.
Laziest script ever!

My dream if I was gay…
John Cena Playgirl Centerfold

The suicide squad are criminals, bad guys with no morals and I didn’t see that in the movie. Plus zero character development.

Yes, character development worst ever!
Such Lazy writing.
Quick story of each square member one after the other. Yuck!
As for criminals and no morals statement,
They did have a opportunity for prizes and those exploding things were in their heads.
I though their bad behavior was right on given the situation. I also had a Chubbie for the Doctor.

But at the end they are free to do whatever they want and they choose to fight the bad guy.

Beats the alternative of being dead or enslaved by a new master, I reckon.

Flagg, Deadshot, Katana, & MS-1300 Degrees (I forget his name) all had z good reason to fight (either for family or for redemptiom). You could probably make a decent argument for Croc, too. The ones that you just kind of have to go along with are Harley & Boomer.

And yeah, outside of a few films the DCEU needs work. One could say it needs a ROCK-solid foundation. :sunglasses::100:

To be honest, I think it’s better that Joker isn’t a part of a massive shared universe where they have to worry about how the film might affect other films. DC should do more edgy, stand alone movies. Separate themselves from what Marvel do and be known more for serious film making.

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