Which podcast player (android)

which podcast player is everyone using? I was using podcast addict but it keeps freezing - I’m looking for something where you can input the rss feed ( for the pw café) and where you can input username/password for the observer
Any ideas?

Feedly is what I used for RSS feed for POST and it hasn’t failed me yet.

do you stream the pod cast or do you download and play from phone? I never have a problem with Podcast Addict, but I always download when I have wifi and play from phone thru app

I used Podcast Republic. The layout is a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s pretty easy and clean to use once you get used to it.

I recommend Castbox for RSS feeds. Pretty efficient.

Am I the only one that downloads straight from the site?

I always download straight from the site. I don’t like signing up to a website to be able to download shows.