White, straight men downloading Endgame edit

I am white and straight, quite liked Endgame as it was.

Yeah no. I just checked the highseas and there are currently 13 seeds and 6 leeches. Not exactly a runaway freight train. I assume there will be more traffic thanks to this article. It really surprises me that just about anything is acceptable to publish online these days.

Holy fuck. The human race is approaching it’s endgame.

Some people also edited out all the women in the last Jedi. I know it’s “harmless” but there are incels out there who legitimately hate women and need to be called out.

There are a lot of sick people out there. Wonder who they voted for?

Ummm… Thanos?

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Why’s it only white men? I bet there’s other minority groups who don’t like “gay shit” and whatever they think female empowerment is…equality folks.

Don’t make gerneralities like that, it’s discriminatory.

But yeah, I’d normally say “those guys need to get laid”…but I don’t want them to ever have access to spread their genes into this world.

As an amateur expert on racial behavior in society, I’ll field this one.

It’s not only White men that can be bigoted & close-minded, but THIS is a specific action that falls under the broader umbrella of “Angry Straight White Dude Nonsense”. If it were a Black or Latino guy that did this, he would’ve put his new anti-LGBT/anti-Captain Marvel diss track (with the soundcloud link) at the beginning of the film & had his IG account superimposed on the lower-third of the screen. He’d combine his hate-speech w/his hustle, if you will.

It takes a special anger only found in a millenial white nerd (maybe it’s the midichlorians???) to break out the AVID or Final Cut and go painstakingly through a second-hand copy of a 3-hour film to edit out the “offensive” parts, render the effects, and upload the torrents. Like that’s an inefficient use of your anger, bro…Lol!

But seriously, anyone can be hateful/close-minded, especially in the nerd/geek community (which is sad since a lot of these guys grew up as outsiders, so why would you want to alienate others?). I don’t get the ComicsGate mentality, but fortunately the vast majority of MCU fans are open to change & diversity within their blockbuster popcorn flicks! Like how can you be mad at a franchise that has been so good for so long? I reckon some folks will always find a reason to be mad, but this is an amazing time to be alive if you’re a fan of this stuff! :v:t4::popcorn::100:


Lets be honest most of us dislike some thing.

Take me for an example. I dislike everyone until i meet you. Some I continue to dislike while others move in to the like or the tolerate category.

I try real hard not to use the H word. the world would be a better place if none of us had that in us.

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I agree with your assessment Nate. Although I do see a lot of irony in it because the comic book community has become very divided over the issue of race with a very loud minority “comicsgate” group who rage against diversity.

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As an indigenous person I’m offended over not being included in the diss track with SoundCloud link but with Facebook account superimposed on the lower-third of the screen.

We can put you on the remix when they edit out all of Zendaya’s scenes from “Far From Home”. :rofl::+1:t4::100:

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