Who finally beats the champs?

There is no point to NXT. It’s purpose is to make sure talent isn’t available to other promotions. It had a point at one time but now it’s lost

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Its a 3rd brand that makes them money, and its a brand that Hunter gets to control in preparation for when he eventually takes over the main roster.

As for developing stars, with men I cant really argue with you, but I think they have done a great job with the woman. Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, Bayley, Bianca, & Ripley are the best examples, and now they have Io and Gonzalez ready to come up at any time. Though, even with the men, they do a great job getting guys ready, Vince just bungles them when they actually get called up.

For me though, I just love the Takeovers (I dont want the week to week TV). IMO they are the best in-ring shows out are, much better than anything WWE main roster or AEW put out.


That day will never happen. After Vince, there will never be a situation where everything is overseen by a single person.

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There will be more separation between business, media, and booking [etc], but he’s simply talking about booking and having one person dedicated to that front is still likely.

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I cant prove it, but I dont think so. We’ve seen with WCW how much of a mess things can be with too many hands in the pot, this is why IMO AEW does such a good job booking, 1 person who ultimately can make that final call. If Vince were to pass away tomorrow, there is no doubt in my mind that the creative side of the company would ultimately be the responsibility of Hunter.