Who goes first Heyman or Bischoff?

  • Paul Heyman
  • Eric Bischoff

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Whether they quit or are demoted or anything. Who won’t last longer?

Without knowing contract details for either, I’m going with Bischoff. Heyman has far more demonstrable value in the past decade (or longer). So while both are candidates to quit, Eric seems more likely to be let go at present.

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Heyman is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Really? What’s the longest Heyman has been able to work backstage reporting to Vince in the past? 6 months? 9 months?

I agree he’s not leaving WWE. He will be an on-screen character as Brock Lesnars advocate for years. But I don’t see him lasting very long in what is probably the most high pressure job in the company as the head of Raw.

I think Bischoff is a little more suited to the corporate environment and will be able to hang around a little longer than Heyman.

Remember when Eric Bischoff was running SmackDown?

Yep I completely forgot until I seen this pop up.


Interesting point… is Heyman still the “head writer” of Raw? I know the title is basically semantics, because implying that anyone except VKM has the last word on anything that ends up on TV is probably bogus, I just haven’t heard his name that much lately from a creative standpoint.

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Prior to the pandemic is hear his name now and again in terms of having a hand in things.

But since WrestleMania I dobut if he’s even been there.