Who Is The Next Legend to Come Out of Retirement for That Saudi Money?

Now that we’ve seen 2 legends come out of retirement and partially tarnish their legacies, who do you think will be the next currently retired wrestler (if any) to lace up the boots for a Saudi show?

I think there’s a chance for Steve Austin to do a tag match. He can stand on the apron for most of the match, get the hot tag, do a couple of kicks and punches, and then a stunner or two without even taking a bump. Maybe a reunion of the Two Man Power Trip vs. The Brothers of Destruction.

Mick Foley said he would come back for a Saudi pay day, but I don’t think WWE would let him given his condition.

JBL might be another potential candidate, but I don’t think he has the star power or mystique they are looking for to main event a show.

It’s almost like the people in Saudi Arabia haven’t realized that the rest of the world is in the 21st century yet…
So, let’s go with Owen Hart vs. Chris Benoit.


Praying for Harlem Heat vs The Steiner Brothers.


Sgt. Slaughter vs Hulk Hogan. I wish i was joking.

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Hogan would absolutely try to do a match and WWE would absolutely justify this as a good idea. Would a doctor clear him?

In two old-timers matches we’ve seen Shawn look awful, Hunter tear a pec, Goldberg knock himself out, and Taker end his career looking sad and old and chasing blood money.

Stop with these!


Iron Sheik vs Hogan

What will they do in 8 years time when this deal is coming to an end? Legends such as Dolph ziggler coming out of retirement to fight the hall of famer Sheamus.

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I’m stunned given how poor Ric Flair is that he hasn’t come out to wrestle yet. How about Hogan vs Flair?

I feel like the Saudi’s would be big on Sid Vicious. The world needs a WM 13 re-match.

But Sting is totally coming back too.

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I’m actually surprised Austin hasn’t done a tag match.

But it absolutely should not involve taker and kane. Find two younger guys that can bump their asses off for him.

This is -350 and the favorite on the board.
Next closes is Austin at +175


Shamrock, Dan Severn, and Steve Blackman back in the lion’s den. This seems to be around the Prince’s viewing timeline.

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