Who is this action figure?

Hey guys, I have this figure

since at least 1991 but no real clue who it could be. Any help?

Greg valentine?

Is that a WWF Hasbro? Because I don’t even have a good guess unless it’s a bad Terry Taylor.

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Yeah - what’s the size for scale? It looks like a Hasbro one… But can’t tell.

Looks like the Roddy Piper’s figures head (with blond hair) on a random body.

Maybe a weird custom made figure somebody created?

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Message Ryder or Hawkins on Twitter. They’ll probably know.


Johnny Valiant would be my guess, it’s too non-descript to be Valentine.

I think it’s Brian Pillman.

I think you nailed it

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Found it. Wasn’t that hard actually.


It is a knock off “Simba” wrestling figures from Germany. This one is supposed to be based on Roddy Piper.

See more pics here:


Great find. I tried looking too, but wasnt able to find anything.

Thank you guys for the help! I’ll post another one later. It is gonna be a Jake the Snake Roberts figure. I think it is also Simba because it looks quite weird.