Who is your most favouritest poster on here

Mine is Elliott316, wish he would quit for good.

Mine too. He makes weird posts.

This will surely go over well

My favorite wrestler is John Moxley. You?

I’ll take it in another direction. My favorite poster on here is MJfromNJ. He always goes out of his way to thank other users for their feedback, contributes thoughtful discussion, and seems like a all around good dude. We could use more people like him around here.


I second that, MJfromNJ seems like a very classy individual.


Agreed, @MJfromNJ is a great dude and always brings solid, thought provoking discussions and just seems like a genuine nice guy.


Playing the heel here, I hate MJ and I’m going to take his world title from him and show him who the real beast is when I pin his shoulders to the ground 1-2-3. MJ from NJ? More like MJ from No Way.

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@AntlerBeast :point_down:


The tiniest GIF. Just like how tiny your chances are of beating me.

Or how tiny something else is?

As for the rest of you. That is all very nice of you to say / like.

I honestly just enjoy having a fun respectful community here and give all credit to John and Wai (and the BDE) for fostering it. That there are very few assholes here is a testament to them and what kind of fan base they cultivated. They, and this online community has elevated my enjoyment of Pro Wrestling, given me interest in MMA, and allowed me to have a place to interact in a fun way that adds to not just mine - all of our enjoyment of our shared hobby/passion(s).

I took an active role early on in the POST Forum to try and help generate engament with their new Brand. They never asked me to and I never told them that was what I was trying to do. I figured if people enjoyed being part of the forum they’d engage more with the POST product that I had a vested interest in seeing success - after all I get so much enjoyment out of their work. Now my continued involvement here and trying to get people involved in debate or games is because I enjoy all of it.

@POSTmaster and @Brad_The_Archivist and @chris are just a few of the people I can think of who do so much more for the community so I pass my appreciation and gratitude to them


@MJfromNJ is great along with all the others that help make this place fun. Those contests are a blast!

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Man I am going to fight you with all my strength and cunning and beat you to win and you will lose and I will be the winner.

Thanks for the kind words, @MJfromNJ . I’ll echo what other people have said above. It was also great meeting you in Toronto this past summer at the live show at Second City.

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