Who stole the AEW belt

I will go for Madusa who then dumps it in the trash on NXT tv

When they find it, they’re gonna have to turn this into an angle. Problem of course is that Jericho is a heel and the wrestler that they have as the thief will also have to be a heel but I think they can make heel v. heel work for Jericho’s first title defence. Or maybe it’s an angle anyway.

Fancy stealing from an old man,is this where society is these days.

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Based on the police write up it sounds more like Jericho lost it than it being “stolen”. If I forget my phone in a Taxi and the Taxi drives away, I lost my phone. The Taxi didn’t “steal” it.

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Barry Darsow as “The Repossession Person” Jericho hasn’t paid his dues !

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Think it’s about time we brought back Tazz and his FTW Title. You know, the REAL champ.