Who Will/Should Jump

HHH was non-committal about NXT talent working the cruise and then at the last minute said no thanks, causing Jericho to scramble and work with ROH.

All that mess probably led to AEW but still Jericho did not seem happy about it at all on his podcast and I don’t blame him.

Apparently Vince just doesnt like cruises - that was the reasoning

Ok, that sounds a bit familiar. I used to think that things like that had long term consequences when it came to talent returning, but after Bret, Bruno, and Warrior returning (which were much worse situations then that) I’ve learned to accept that everyone comes back eventually.

I think the screwing him on the cruise thing might be less the issue than the AEW doing the cruise thing: if that is something he wants to keep doing even into retirement; I say he stays with AEW just to keep good terms with the promotion working his boat shows. Unless WWE gives him some guarantee in his contract of guys working this cruise he may stick with AEW so they don’t drop the cruise. For Jericho he is also getting older in 2022 he will be what 52? I’m not sure how much time he will have left in ring.

Let’s not forget the Jericho is gonna be 51 when this contract is up. Will he pop up in WWE? Probably. But it wouldn’t be a full time contract, but a retirement tour. But I’m just speculating

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That’s exactly what I see happening.

I hope Jericho doesn’t come back to WWE for awhile. I really have been enjoying commentary with him. He works great with JR and he seems like a guy who would work well like a modern day Bobby Heenan.

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In January 2022 he is going to be in the best position any wrestler has been in for years, maybe decades negotiation wise. I’m sure he will play the two companies against each other, and good for him. Guy deserves it.

Agreed about the commentary, he’s so good. I hate it when every announcer sounds like a “broadcast journalist”. I miss the days of a Bobby Heenen, Jesse Ventura, or even early 90’s Jerry Lawler. Regardless of where he signs, I hope he does commentary.

MJF will go to WWE when he fancies the move

I actually think he would thrive in WWE.

I actually think the opposite. He would be on the smaller side, forced to do PG scripted promos, and probably have his social media somewhat curated. I think he would flop in WWE as it is now.


MJF is too small for Vince. He’d be a heel manager like Zayn.

I guess I just don’t see him as being that small.

If we’re talking Raw/SD (I assume you arent talking NXT) I see him being in a similar role as the Miz back in 2010, however I think he would exceed what the Miz did.

Guys like that typically get more freedom on the mic, and I think he would thrive. As much as WWE likes big guys, performers that can speak as well as MJF typically break through. Just my opinion, I’m not claiming my opinion to be fact.

Whereas I think they would greatly limit what he is allowed to say. As to size he is smaller than the Miz, he So unless main roster WWE sizes change he would be on the smaller side he is about the same size as Dolph Zigler. So not impossibly small but a tough size if you are a heel working against larger baby face competitors.

A big part of MJF’s appeal is him being a dick to fans. You can’t get away with anything remotely edgy in WWE.

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I think a good heel is a good heel. MJF is good enough where he could overcome that. It may be more of a challenge, but I have faith in him that he could pull it off.

MJF is 6 ft tall, Miz is 6’2, I really dont see that being a big difference. Especially in 3-5 years from now with the way the industry is evolving as I just don’t see Vince McMahon as a 78 year old running the show in 2025, and Hunter has proven in NXT that he does not have an issue with shorter guys being on top.

But why bother going somewhere that will handcuff you? A character like MJF wouldn’t work in WWE. Can you imagine how badly scripted his promos would be?

And Vince isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. His mom just turned 100 this year and is apparently healthy. Many, many years of Vince doing whatever he wants to come

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Where did I say he “should” jump? Read back, everything I wrote is that I thought he would be successful in WWE, nowhere did I write that he should or that he would be more successful in WWE then AEW. I think MJF is extremely talented and that he would succeed anywhere in North America.

Can I ask? Do you truly think MJF would not succeed in WWE, or do you just hate WWE so much that anyone we’re talking about you are going say the same points. It feels like you just personally don’t want these guys to jump. Even when we discussed Jericho, its like you were looking for reasons to prove that he wont go.

Disagree with your take on Vince, but Ill leave it at that.

At the moment, no. He would be a failure in main roster WWE because of the way the company is set up creatively. Look at everyone else who failed on the main roster. They just had a match in a swamp and another match where a guys eye was pulled out.

He also lacks the size and experience to be a big star for Vince.

And I don’t know what you’ve read about Vince but the guy will die before he lets HHH run creative. And his mom still plays tennis and is fine at age 100. Sooooo good luck with that theory

Ok, so you are not a fan of WWE which is cool. Doesnt mean everyone there is a failure though.
I think MJF would succeed in WWE, you dont. Agree to disagree. You’re just repeating the same things over and over again at this point. I get it, you think he’s too short.

Again, disagree with your Vince theory. Based on your response you dont get what my actual feelings are, which is fine as this is a topic I dont feel is appropriate to debate.