Who will win the rating tonight? (2020-01-01)

  • AEW
  • NXT
  • TIE

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AEW doing less than 800k would be a shame and not great. We’ve seen holiday shows rated pretty well, and we saw NXT go over 800k unopposed last week.

Yeah if they don’t draw over 800k and way more than NXT who was running awards and Takeover match replays that is not good given the fairly stacked AEW show which is running essentially unopposed.

Fully expect NXT to do 500k based on habit viewing alone

I could see that but that is way down from their normal and if any of those people go to AEW it should be a crushing win for AEW, if it isn’t that is a bad week for AEW when they had a good and stacked show.

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An AEW win here would be as impressive as an NXT win last week. Awards shows are boring, it might be interesting to find out who won in what category but I’ve never known why anyone’s interested in actually watching an awards show whether it’s the Oscars, Grammy’s, Ballon d’Or, anything. I would like NXT to do very poorly just so their awards show episode never happens again. It’s shit for everyone if AEW don’t win this week.

The awards thing could be cool as part of a show, but as a studio show with wrestlers picking up their trophies and cutting promos in an empty arena it was really bad. I mean you could totally use the awards to build some new programs, build heat with fans, etc. But not this way. Just tape this stuff earlier if you don’t want to do a live show.

# AEW : 876K # NXT : 361K



I did it!
The streak… is over.


Sounds right I mean NXT was pretty dull and just not a good show. Especially if you had seen the take over matches before.

Where’s the source? Can’t find it.

I think @MJfromNJ was taking a guess at the ratings because I can’t find anything on it either. Apparently have to wait until Friday.

I saw it on twitter but completely unverified except it kind of seemed reasonable.

Can we once and for all stop the silly discussion that AEW is losing viewers and interest…Who won the week is very fun…but AEW does almost 1mil viewers when NXT doesn’t run a live show. NXT does similar viewers when AEW does not run a show (on a holiday night nonetheless. About 1.4mil people are watching wrestling on Wednesday nights which is awesome. Both shows probably have great T+3 numbers either on the WWE Network or on DVR. Whoever promotes a bigger show probably wins the week and both are doing very well. Kudos for them and great for us wrestling fans.


Nearly everything about this “war” is dumb.


Can’t find any legitimate source for the ratings but by the sounds of things, NXT predictably had their worst week.

They used their unopposed week, where they’d have more viewers, to put on a compilation type show of dark matches that had very, very little relevance to anything going on in NXT. And they also used that unopposed week, where they’d have more viewers, to promote an awards show coming up the following week… that’s barely going to keep regular viewers happy let alone new viewers.

Should’ve done the awards show on the unopposed week and promoted a proper live show for this week or better yet, not do the awards show.

It’s great for NXT wrestlers that they get all this time off and don’t have to travel as much. They have the benefit of only needing to be in Florida. It does mean that they’re not really main roster though and it makes complete sense for them not to be paid as much. Regardless of that though, they could’ve prepared for this time off a lot better than they did.

I see 967,000 to 548,000 for AEW.

Great number off of an excellent show. I think NXT could struggle for the next while. NXT UK has zero interest and they seem to be pushing them a lot with the Worlds Collide and Dusty Classic events. I dont think there is much interest for either of those shows. It’s just good wrestling with no stories.

Agreed! I want both brands to be successful long term. It’s better for the wrestling business and the fans.

I mean that depends on what stories they build for that show, or if they just focus more on Stories for later takeovers. I will say I’m disappointed in the Dusty Classic because I was hoping they would use it to build some new teams for the barren NXT tag division.

Though pre-recorded last Weeks NXT has some good matches on it just not a ton of big names.