Who will win the ratings tonight (2019-12-04)?

  • AEW
  • NXT

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Begrudgingly saying NXT as I hope for a rebound for AEW but feel they might maintain momentum

I think AEW wins all the demos again, except 50+. AEW gains viewers, NXT loses viewers, but still had the edge over AEW.

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This too.

That said Mox vs Janela II might draw more viewers over.

Shame they can’t count these DVR recordings.

They are able to count everything else, surely they are able to work out recordings in this day and age

They can but it doesn’t matter.

Live views and ratings matter because they tell the network how much they can charge advertisers. It’s probably a safe assumption that anyone watching a recording fast forwards through commercials.

Option 3 fans who are tired of raw and sd win.

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I’m going with AEW to rebound but I think it will be close. The DVR numbers last week had NXT slightly ahead but AEW gained way more suggesting they had more people skip Wednesday for the holiday and catch up later.

That said I think at this point for me the story is less about who wins and more about total viewer ship and can both shows maintain numbers in the 900k range.

Except, Raw was way better than both last week.

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Where can I find these numbers?

I heard them on Wade Keller’s Podcast during the tuesday mail bag at about 1:51:20

AEW went up 304k to 972k over the weekend (3 day rating)
NXT went up 173k to 986k.

So NXT still on top but it was close.

As to where he got those numbers I’m not sure.

I wish we got the 3 day and 7 day numbers more regularly. Those are probably more intriguing to me personally, as I dont watch most of the shows live.

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I think the issue is advertisers don’t care about DVR bc people fast forward commercials.

So for the purposes of what matters it’s live viewership and more specially younger live viewers. So even though DVR numbers are nice it’s not a valuable number for advertisers

This is why WWE got huge TV deals. Their numbers are low. But it’s thought to be more DVR proof and attract younger viewers.

Depends on the service for Hulu recordings I cannot fast forward the commercials unless I watch near live. If I watch starting like 25 mins late or so I can skip all the commercials.

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I’ve been wrong literally every single week you’ve done this poll, and I think that’s pretty impressive tbh


I’d say this, more than any other week, is a draw. I think a good showing from both in the ratings this week.

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It gives credence to the whole the AEW audience recorded last week’s episode because of Thanksgiving reason

I wonder if the fact that NXT promoted Ripley VS Kai which is a big match and basically didn’t deliver it will put off viewers. AEW for the vast majority deliver what they announce.

Can you honestly trust NXT will deliver what they promote also an actual finish.

For next week’s 3 way number 1 contenders match, how many people will think there will be a Undisputed Era run in, which will result in a four way championship match for the following week.

NXT really need to deliver clean wins in their big matches

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I doubt it given what did happen and that they announced huge matches the next 2 weeks.

I actually thought AEW might win. Opening if NXT was cold.

Surprised that NXT won 18-34.

Ratings are bizzare. I think a lot of people use DVR and mess it up and no one cares about DVR