Who will win the ratings tonight (2019-12-11)?

  • AEW
  • NXT

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Last 2 weeks NXT led the first 2 segments and AEW won the other 6. Alvarez had a theory that some thought there would be Main roster talent and when there wasn’t went away, you can question that theory it was his. AEW starts the first 30 minutes with Mox/Jericho and a Cody match, interesting strategy

NXT started with a great Cruiserweight title match and new champion.

Bad move. I like Angel Garza and see big things for him, but Lio Rush is the best thing to happen to that division, since Neville had the title.

I think it was a good move, they played on animosity between the 2, and so that could set up a rematch. Rush also may have other avenues to work like the NA title. I mean if Rush wins, what is next for him? They have thoroughly killed that division, so they build up some other 205 guy? He needed a good rival and Garza is great in that role. He also has more to gain as the champ than Rush.

NXT was the amazing tonight. Great intro and a great ending. When is the last time you had almost 2 four star matches opens and close a 2 hr show.

Next week is even better - two major title fights. At least one title change likely.

I’ve realized AEW isn’t for me so I’ll only watch if it’s a killer show on replay so I haven’t seen it. That being said I would imagine it will be hard to top this NXT show

And everyone was wrong. :joy:


It’s a push lol

It will be interesting to see the quarter breakdowns because AEW seemed to strategize putting heavy hitters up front while NXT just did a show that had a Forgotten Sons match a Raul Mandoza match and the Fashion Police more setting up for next week

778,000 tie. My goodness.