Who will win the ratings tonight (2019-12-18)

  • AEW
  • NXT
  • Tie

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If NXT doesn’t win this is a huge L for them

It’s absolutely stacked show and strong likelihood Rhea wins the title

AEW - 683k
NXT - 795k


A can of whoop ass was opened

The won demos too

Just waiting for the AEW defenders to spin this lol

My impressive streak of incorrectly predicting the Wednesday night ratings outcome is beginning to rival the Undertakers Wrestlemania streak.


Probably the best thing to happen to AEW, there are flaws that need addressing, hopefully they realise and rectify.

However the wins for NXT were because of main roster talent involvement and a loaded show.

Let’s see what happens with a basic run of the mill NXT episode.

I think AEW have a ace up their sleeves which they may use soon. (There were those New Japan invasion rumours and Jericho and Moxley are at Wrestle Kingdom, I’m sure there are benefits to having cross promotion between the 2 companies. ROH and CZW did it)


Also True.

The weeks NXT have won have been non-typical shows. Something I called unsustainable early on. Let’s see how it plays out heading to Takeover when they can’t blow their loads on Wednesdays.

That said, it is a bummer overall viewership is down, especially after Monday’s poor showing. Not a good week for Wrestling on TV.

I would agree on the NXT thing except their numbers have been pretty stable this was more a down week for AEW than a huge up for NXT.

Not sure there’s much to react to with those numbers, NXT still has huge stars and they’ve shifted and stacked to have something to compete with. I’m just glad we have great wrestling again! AEW, NXT and NWA. If anything, I think new japan may be suffering more since I haven’t been keeping up with them now there’s so much other wrestling happening.

They put on a Takeover-level show. Not surprising at all that they won

2 title matches is not a takeover level show. It is a high end TV show.

The two top singles titles were defended in long matches and three other matches over 10 minutes. That’s about as close to a Takeover as possible.

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I don’t know why people celebrate losses and wins when it comes to ratings. I wouldn’t want the pre aew era back. I just want good wrestling and enjoy the sport I love since I was 4 years old…


The first USA show was closer to take over level. Match length is less of a thing otherwise almost every AEW show is PPV level.

So the Christmas Day episode is taped, it may do a decent audience because people are at home and probably nowhere’s open.

Is the New Year’s Day NXT taped or is it live, I know AEW is live

I just care about total viewers. Combined. I want that staying over 1.2mil


Great. What promotion and where can I watch it?

If you cant even say that there is great wrestling, then why are you even watching at all? There might be a lot of shit angles or stories to get to those matches, but Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW, NWA, MLW, Impact have all had some great wrestling.

Not every match has to be a 5 star classic. Or even a 4 star.


I think you are confusing great athletic displays with great wrestling. The last great wrestling match I saw was Cody versus Dustin.

And to answer your question, I don’t really watch much wrestling. I just enjoy listening to wrestling podcasts now living in hope that one day they’ll figure that out.