Who will win the ratings tonight? (2020-02-05)

  • AEW
  • NXT
  • Draw

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Won’t be close. I don’t think Charlotte is going to draw.

I’m actually not excited for either show. The lashes will be the most interesting on either show.

No great matches announced for either.

Charlotte isn’t a draw. There will be some interest but not a lot.

I say AEW wins but I do think for the first time ever that Raw might be the best show this week. A good chance both NXT and AEW shows are mediocre

They can’t call these people stars if they can’t move a rating from 750 to 900. I took NXT

Who are you referring to?

He means flair. How is Charlotte flair a star if she can’t even add 150k viewers. He has a point

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I think it’s cool to see her in Full Sail but I wasn’t tuning in for the return. I think she’s a manufactured star in the same vein as Roman Reigns.

Yeah I dont think Charlotte is a difference maker at this point, but I guess we will see.

IF they promised a match I think she would potentially draw. But just to make an announcement I don’t think she will have much impact. It isn’t her strength. If you told me we were getting Charlotte vs Bianca I would tune in to watch that, or Charlotte vs basically any top NXT woman (IO, Candice, Rhea, etc). For an advertised promo, not so much.

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AEW 928k - 0.36
NXT 770k - 0.22

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As expected. Charlotte is not a draw

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Charlotte isnt a star or a difference maker.

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Hell of a number for AEW, hoping the #s grow to the PPV.

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Yuka Sakazaki > Charlotte

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Nah, but Cody, Mox, and Jericho are. For most people women aren’t a huge draw and Charlotte speaking certainly isn’t.

I think Becky or Ronda spike the number. Charlotte didn’t help at all

They already tried that with Becky. It kinda worked but people didn’t stay. Why waste a Ronda appearance on NXT?

I wouldn’t bro. I’m just saying Charlotte isn’t in their league. No one cares about her it seems

Yet they book Charlotte to be the million times champ, win the rumble, etc.

She’s a great worker but has been mostly mishandled. Zero character development at all during time on the main roster.

Yup they want her to get accolades so the force her into whatever role fits for that when they need it. Starts as a Heel, runs through the faces, so turns face for more matchups. They want her to be in the Mania main event so they sour people on her by putting her in there when she doesn’t belong based on fan support. She is a great worker, but I don’t have any matchups for her that I am compelled by. They should almost Lesner her, make her this super obstacle and keep her off TV for a long while.