Who will win the ratings tonight? (2020-02-05)

I don’t know if I’d write Charlotte Flair off as not being a star, but seeing someone talk really isn’t that interesting. Especially when we all know the match for wrestlemania is already set.

Depends on who is talking. Charlotte is not someone to tune in for. Not sure anyone in WWE is right now. If they Advertised say an Austin Promo on NXT you can bet it would draw. But yes if they promised Charlotte vs Ripley for the title it would have a bigger impact, then having her there just to get jumped.

Heyman? Would that draw?

Unless he is there to announce a Brock match with someone on NXT I don’t think so. Even then I’m not sure because you can still usually tune into the next Raw and get the gist of what he said.

Heyman would draw out of pure intrigue to what the hell would he do in a Full Sail environment. And who would he take as a Heyman guy. It’s surprising he hasn’t added anyone from NXT to his act with Brock.

Regardless of if it helped the number or not, it’s good for the match and I’m looking forward to it. People here are putting too much stock in an extremely flimsy system to decide if they like what’s going on or not. It’s dumb.

Oh I liked the segment I just don’t think it would bring a ton of extra viewers. NXT is my favorite wrestling show even though it is not rated as highly as others.

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Segment was awesome. Bianca is incredible in the chracter. Just not a draw, agree w/ @Breng77