Who will win the ratings tonight? (2020-03-04)

  • AEW
  • NXT
  • Tie

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won’t be close.

Tho I am not sure how AEW hour 1 vs hour 2 will compare because after the Dark Order segment a lot of the Matt Hardy anticipation may have left the room

I think it will be about what we typically see. AEW 800-900k, NXT 700-800k. I’ll say NXT 742k and AEW 863k

I think it might be closer than we think - two cage matches and AEW had very weak in ring action and didn’t have a lot of top guys wrestling. I think most people thought Jericho was leaving for 60d with Fozzy so I would think that AEW wins but it’s not blowout

I predict a bigger win than usual for AEW. Coming off a hot PPV and lots of great promos in the show. Main event also had a lot of intrigue

Nobody, I repeat, Nobody views either cage match as “Can’t Miss”.
One was between two women who aren’t Charlotte Flair and not even she could draw (I LOVE Teagen but even I don’t think she is must see)
The other is a confusing feud between NXT talent which finished on the over-run that people could have flipped over to catch.

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Yeah the only thing I learned yesterday was:

  1. Someone can have a bad match with Roddy Strong

  2. If you are a baby face and angry at a heel and get a cage match you should try to escape the whole match only stopping the one time you actually have the heel down to sit and think about it

Those matches were SSD level bad

There is no match taking place in NXT that feels must see. They can’t even bring main roster talent in because there are 5 hours of that on TV as well.

Did people want to see Nox vs Kai 3 in a cage?
Did people want to see Roddy vs Dream in a cage?
Did people want to see Moxley first night on Dynamite as champ?
Did people want to see Cody after losing to MJF?
Did people want to see Jericho w/out the title on Dynamite for the first time?
Did people want to see the debut of new talent teased on Dynamite?

I can’t honestly think of what NXT could do to make me want to tune in live to see it when it happens.

FFS, I want to see every Jericho-Judas entrance more than any match that will take place on NXT TV. And before anyone calls me bias - I am the same person that flew to Toronto and ONLY went to TakeOver. Two years in a row went to TakeOver Brooklyn and not summerslam. I’m a huge NXT fan. Facts are facts.


Totally agree - NXT is ice cold right now. It really feels like nothing major has happened since Survivor Series.

Like I struggle to think of any can’t miss angle on TV in months. Dynamite last night alone had more storyline development

Yeah NXT killed a lot of stuff bc they don’t move on to new stuff

I don’t care about JG vs TC again. I’ve seen enough.

I don’t need to keep seeing Keith Lee vs DD

The women’s title scene is stale now as they wait for the WM match

I am not sure have a direction for Adam Cole and if it’s VD then he sucks

I think the only interesting thing is Finn vs WALTER and tag title scene

Is Finn vs. Walter the TakeOver Main Event and then Cole and Dream on Mania?

Looks like it I guess. I don’t want to see Cole vs Dream.

AEW: 906,000 (fifth in demo)
NXT: 718,000 (20th in demo)

Apparently pointless cage matches dont draw, massive win for AEW.


Aew slowly crawling back up to the one million! Love it

Meh seems in the neighborhood of what each show has been doing. Not sure I’m counting anything as massive at this point unless it is AEW over 1 million or NXT really dropping.

Up almost five per cent. NXT also used to win at least one demo - they won zero last night.

Total viewers still in the same basic areas they have been for quite some time.

AEW just had a pretty basic, solid show last night.

NXT had two cage matches, both possibly the blow-offs to long standing feuds and it made zero difference. I guess they can always go their reliable go to LADDER MATCH at some point.

If AEW keeps building I can see the Blood and Guts show getting a chance to break 1 million.

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Don’t forget that AEW was the first show coming out of a pay-per-view. Historically, that’s not a “pretty basic” wrestling show in terms of a ratings bump.


It’s coming off a PPV. I wouldn’t say this is surprising for AEW at all. Also the allure of Matt hardy. Interesting to see how they build to BG show

NXT was sad - two cage matches should have drawn more.