Who wins at Clash at the Castle? Roman or Drew (poll)

You should check it out. Very good WWE show.

I think that in a vacuum, it’s not THAT bad of a finish. But as you point out, WWE has a long-running issue with guys losing in their hometown (not to mention history of waiting too long to pull the trigger on guys), and this is just another brick in the wall.

Hidden factor is if Solo Sikoa becomes a noteworthy guy. If so, then it’s a memorable debut. If not, it’s one step above the Goobledy Gooker.

It’s not my personal opinion. They did give him the ball and it was unmemorable (name one feud he had as Champ?). Look at ratings when he was the focal point. Ask if you’ve ever tuned in to watch a Drew segment or cares what he had going on when it didn’t involve Roman in the last 2 years?
It’s not just my personal opinion. I do not believe any business numbers indicate he moves business. He’s a great guy with a look to go to as a credible challenger and has been used well for that this go around.
And yes. Usually when anyone is booked well they get over. Can you cite an example of somebody “booked well” who wasnt over? Usually it’s either booked well and over or booked bad and still go over. Or blame the booking.

After 15 years we know how high Drew can get. If they are moving the titles off Roman it should be to somebody who may get even higher. Like an Owens who this year alone has been presented as a bigger star in the main event of Mania with Austin. If the goal of this Roman run is to make the next guy which a 2 year run at this point should be.

I have nothing against Drew personally. Strictly business. Onwards and upwards, not rehashing past experiments because maybe now it’ll finally be right. Only forwards, no backwards.

Who do you think beats Roman then?

I mean I don’t see anybody because even if it is the Rock I don’t see the Rock beating him. I guess Cody, but I just don’t know whether you need to have Roman unbeaten for over two years to lose to Cody. I mean I guess there’s theoretically Bronbreaker or an NXT call up or another AEW talent you could bring into that role but I felt like Drew was the best option.

Owens has great promise and has been interesting for TV purposes doing things away from the title. Evidence was that Mania main event.
Cody being solidified as a WWE guy by taking the title off finishes out that story line. Makes sense.
If you want to try something brand new try Kross as hes at least new new and not 15 year olds new.
I’d even say either Kofi or Big E if you refreshed their stories as both were far more interesting and “over” champions than Drew (all it takes is Kofi cutting the killer promo how he let his time slip and he didn’t take it serious and wants to climb the mountain again).

It’s not like WWE hasn’t dug themselves a hole with making everyone less than for a long time. But some guys have been hurt more than others and some have A LOT of baggage that makes them feel forever midcard to a large group of viewers who do not care what Drew did elsewhere or his journey. It’s the same weekly 50+ audience or casual fan who tapped out and remembers 3MB Drew or the Drew who got fired. Yes he’s much better and different now I’m not taking away from that but to a large part of the business generating audience he’s never going to feel on the level.
I’m sorry Drew stans.

My idea would be try with somebody else or other acts that haven’t been totally washed out Or had more hype at their peaks than say Drew in 2021 (Owens or even an AJ for example)

I disagree with the notion that Drew winning would have been a good idea if you are going to quickly have him lose it back to Roman. With the length of Roman’s reign you have a chance to really make the guy who eventually beats him. If you want that to be Drew fine but then he needs to have a good run as champion not just be a big moment for one night and then lose again. Because it diminishes the next guy to beat Roman.

My guess is they feel like they have more to do with Roman than Drew.

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I don’t think Drew is ever going to be the long-term guy. I think the next long-term guy is probably in NXT right now in Bron breaker

I think it would’ve created a cool moment. A large hometown pop people going crazy, something you can replay for years. The British bulldog lost that title to Shawn Michaels very quickly after that epic 1992 match. Literally by Survivor series it was already Brett versus Shawn. As such, it didn’t diminish how many times they replayed that moment and used it to create hype which they could’ve done for this as well


Just watched this again (not on purpose, hanging out at my brother’s house after a barbeque and he was getting caught up). Holy shit was that a great build… if Drew won. Perfect “this is obvious, but if we execute it well, you won’t care” storytelling by the announcers, the video packages, everything.

Womp, womp.

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But at that time Brett wasn’t “the guy” he was the IC champion. Seems to me that that is a significant difference between a world champion of 2 years and an IC champ with a 5 month reign. I mean if you want the Bull dog moment why not just put Seamus over? I think if you put Drew over you need to give him a decent run. It doesn’t need to be a year, but give him 4-6 months and see if he can be a the top guy. If you don’t think he can be then don’t give him the title.

I hear what you’re saying.

Well Brett wasn’t the guy that time but he was world champion like two months later. he was clearly right at the top.

If you look at Mick Foley and his career those victories he got we’re all stupid tainted ones that barely lasted a month. However It did get him over

Edge in money in the bank lost at the next pay-per-view to Cena. It also got him over as a top level act.

While I understand what you were saying there is a precdent for this kind of thing. I mean if edge can beat Cena and lose the next month I don’t know if this is any different. And it would get you that massive moment and video clip you could play for Drew, some thing he could feed off in the future.

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So you’re citing the ratings decline during his reign and pointing to him as the reason why? Not the awful performance Centre/Thunderdome shows? If yes, I’m just going to agree to disagree because I have no desire to rehash this debate as I went back and forth with Bdubz about this enough.

To answer your question about memorable feuds, Lashley and Orton. Lashley feud was meh, but I liked parts of the Orton feud. Problem with the Orton feud was while is started hot, bad booking hurt it (ie. night vision goggles).

Yes, many. At the same time, I think this is a trick question. If we are talking about WWE, almost every performer has a period of time in their career where they were booked poorly so no matter who I state you can make an argument as to how I’m wrong by citing that time. Stone Cold had the Ringmaster, The Rock had Rocky Maivia etc.

The examples of Vince pushing guys down our throats that were rejected by the audience are endless. Off the top of my head, Giant Gonzalez & Great Khali…monsters that were pushed well on paper, but had zero talent and didn’t get over.

I dont disagree with Owens being a better choice. I’m not some huge Drew supporter, there are other guys I like better in WWE and if it wasnt a massive show in the UK, I would agree. Cody would be my ideal choice to take the title off of him to be honest, my main point from the beginning is I just think you are a bit hyperbolic when talking about Drews faults. I think he is over, I’m not saying he’s the next Rock or Austin.


I feel like the Edge character is very different from Drew though. Like if Austin Theory cashed in as a heel and lost in a month that would also feel different. I feel like if it is Drew it would almost hurt him more than help if he had a short reign.

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