Who wins the ratings tonight (2019-11-06)?

  • AEW
  • NXT

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I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that if NXT were to win tonight, people would be claiming they “knew” it would be the case. The silence is deafening tonight.

AEW does a bigger # but NXT sees a bigger increase

This doesn’t jive with your poll answer boss. :thinking:

You didn’t define “win” as more viewers; I think of winning as having the best feeling coming out of the number.

NXT growing a number would be a big win after weeks of downward trends. Especially since NXT talent was all over SD and Raw and there’s the possibility of main later talent appearing on NXT.

Imagine thinking that about a hockey game, ”yeah The Flyers lost but they felt better.” But I get where you are coming from, the issue with “feelings” is spin. So when I say win I mean purely based on viewers to be clear.


I changed my vote.

I knew what the literal definition of winning was here, but if the Flyers are down 3 and end the period down 1. They are losing but they won the period.

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I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that your sneaking suspicion is right.

So AEW won 822,000 to NXTs 813,000. It’s the closest the two shows had been. I haven’t had a chance to watch either yet but they both sound like they were good. So overall another great Wednesday night for wrestling fans.

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Wow a lot closer than I expected and solid jump up for NXT as opposed to being in the lower end for AEW

NXT was way better. AEW has one promo that was literally all you need to see. But it was a good promo

It was close, but NXT lost and such the problem with spin…

Choose your hot take:

* "NXT was on Raw/Smackdown, had main roster guys on and still lost"
* "AEW won but NXT actually won"
* "NXT is gonna win next week and finally kill AEW"
* "Both shows won, so just enjoy Wednesdays"

— Cakeob (@Cak3ob) November 7, 2019

This was kinda what I was getting at yesterday.

Cody’s “Silver Spoon” promo last night definitely became to him what “Hard Times” has been for his dad Dusty.

But man, Jericho’s video response to Cody’s video package from 3 weeks ago was absolutely as golden as Cody’s promo.