Who wins the ratings tonight (2019-11-13)?

  • AEW
  • NXT

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I think it might be NXT. Full Gear didn’t have a ton of buzz coming out of it since the last match was weird and the title never changed hands. NXT is ramping up for survivor series and closed the gap considerably.

AEW just feels like it’s losing a bit of momentum. Already getting too many of the same matches (ie Pac vs Page) and the women’s division matches are really bad. The Kong and Brandy stuff is pretty bad. It has some great promos but so did NXT

AEW: 957,000
NXT: 750,000

AEW smoked 'em.


Good call. Hey do you make football picks? I’d like to make some money

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And beyond that - once again AEW is in the top 5 overall. NXT is ranked 22nd for the night.

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That was some prediction.

It’s almost like NXT is the one who is suffering a major lack of buzz, as they’ve become way more tied to the Raw and Smackdown brands due to this rushed Survivor Series angle.

I think it is safe to say that at this point, AEW has a fanbase of about 1M viewers live in the US.


Yeah like I said earlier, NXT being on other programs during the whole Survivor Series clusterfuck is bad for the brand. It makes NXT less special and unique and why would I watch NXT when many of those people will be on RAW, SD or the ppv.

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I said I think they might. Geese.

And no I don’t make football pics unless you mean soccer in which case I do. Not a fan of American football

Well you were dead wrong (again). There was a lot of buzz coming out of the PPV. And ramping up for Survivor Series is probably losing viewers. So just take the L