Who won the ratings last night (2019-11-27)?

  • AEW
  • NXT

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I think it will be very close again this week. I think NXT can ride the wave they got last week and have the higher rating, age ranges aside.

I believe it will be close again but NXT will win. I think that first long Jericho segment may have tuned people out and the opening of NXT setup a huge match. Also I think coming off Survivor Series there was interest in seeing who was coming to NXT and what storylines would be setup.

AEW seem a bit predictable (a non over ring match we knew MJF would win and a title match we know Jericho wouldn’t lose). NXT has a tag title match and main event that were less predictable.

Let’s see but I bet it’s close either way

I think it’ll go back to normal with AEW winning. 100 Nielsen households watching AEW, 80 Nielsen households watching NXT which will give us the result of 850k watching AEW and 750k watching NXT. I think that’s how they work it out… :thinking:

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NXT: 810K
AEW: 663K

AEW got stuffed. :turkey:

Yikes wasn’t expecting that I thought NXT would get a bump but it looks like a load of people took the night off as NXT was lower than the previous week and crushed AEW.

Im sure what will now emerge in here is purely rational and moderate objective debate.

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Interesting week. I’m not sure to make of it. I expected AEW to lose viewers, but not as many. I expected NXT to either pick up viewers or lose some, but they took a hit as well. AEW still won all the demos except for 50+, but they all dropped. NXT all dropped too, but 50+ stayed the same.

I think those over 50’s just love their WWE.


NXT was the better show last week IMO, so well deserved

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Hopefully we have moves past make fun of Alex bc he thinks NXT will win.

I expected this to be the case - the intro for AEW wasn’t great IMHO and the show dragged. NXT was the better show - I would expect from now on for AEW to have a tough time.

I’ve said that the silliness is my biggest reason for watching NXT over this. Maybe if they stop the silliness and start present what the promised, a more sports orient NJPW style, they can rebound

I doubt the silliness had much to do with this drop, more likely (given the demos) that young people were busy either traveling, or going out with friends home for thanksgiving. I know I had (did not attend) a 20th HS reunion that night, so a lot of people are busy Wednesday among younger groups.

It’s quite a feat for AEW to be down that much, and yet still be leading in the key demographics. If I was looking to advertise on a wrestling program, I would be more interested in AEW for that reason. But, I’m sure the long weekend played more of a part in the numbers than anything else

Why? Over 50s have no money to spend…?

This whole “AEW actually won because kids like it” is a bit desperate.

No, because that is who advertisers target. I don’t make these things up. They are called the key demographic for a reason


AEW had their weakest episode so far, but I dont think NXT was any better. I’d say they were about equal. That party at the beginning of the episode with the job guys all dancing, was brutally bad. The UE/Lee & Dijakovic was underwhelming. Ciampa/Balor was way underwhelming. I’ve said it for a long time, Finn Balor is extremely overrated. I like him, but he’s a bland wrestler.

Rush/Tozawa was fucking awesome. I’d put that beside Omega/PAC on Dynamite. Both shows compared to past weeks sucked.

Talking just TV, Monday Night Raw blew everything away for me.

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I mean I’m sure it depends on the advertisers, some like say AARP might target different demos. I think the big advertising Dollars though targets 18-49

Apparently some people dont understand how ratings work and what networks actually look for.

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Have you looked at actually numbers? The difference in the demos is so small this week. Don’t think it’s that relevant. The total viewers though is very far apart

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Very true. The “help I’ve fallen, and can’t get up” commercials ain’t on during prime time… man, this makes RoH look bad

Judging by the number of Blue Chew adds on wrestling podcasts, maybe wrestling just has an older fan base.