Who would win in a fight to the death John or Wai?

John has alot more to lose, Wai has the better technique.

What do you guys think?

I think this would be enticing content to get me to upgrade beyond my 1m1s patreon level. I’m gonna say it’s a 60-minute draw when they both give in and decide to forego death for some Tim Horton’s and classic WCW programming.

More to lose could mean he’s holding on too tight, like Cougar in TOP GUN. You also gotta figure the family life is softening John up when Dell isn’t keeping his BP up.

John eludes to wei smashing him on the mats when training jiu jitsu

I say wei takes it easy

-600 wei ting

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John would probably win mostly because he got more to lose plus wai is too lay back to actually hurt somebody on purpose.

Wai has the skill to win, but I think John would be sneaky and use heelish tactics to somehow gain the upper hand.

Will alcohol be involved? Sounds like Wai can fuck shit up when he drinks.

100% no contest. Bartender Dave runs in and gives everyone enough emotional support to want to solve their problems in more constructive ways.

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What a fight between Pollock vs Ting would look like


Don’t forget the combat experience edge on the ‘biggest stage of them all’ …

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Not sure if Wai would be able to escape the ‘Poll’-‘Lock’ (John created a poll to vote on, ah, nevermind!),

but John would have to be able to duck, camera zoom’s out as Wai signals for it …

The Waimaker!!

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