Who you love to see more old content on the wwe live feed

I barely watch the on demand service of the wwe network mmostly because since you can’t really stream the network on the tv in Canada and that I can’t just sit in front of a computer screen for hour to watch wrestling so I tend to watch the live feed or the actual network on tv.

My favorite part of the schedule was flashback Friday because they showed old wrestling shows every Friday or the Ppv Sunday when they would show old Ppv setting up for the month Ppv.

For the last month or so, they took all the old content of the network and replace it with replays of crappy shows instead. With all that time they have on the live feed, I would love to see more old content on the schedule. Now that they have wcw Saturday night, I would love to see them putting wcw Saturday night on Saturday at 6 pm or how about a old Ppv being showed on Fridays or every month airing a old clash or Saturday night main event on Saturday night. On Sunday, continue building the history of whatever Ppv wwe is having that month by showing old edition of the PPV. Monday’s, show a old raw before the airing of raw on USA and sportsnet. Same goes for smackdown on Tuesday. Use the weekend late night to show old episode from smoky mountain, AWA or other program from a older promotion they have the rights to.

Also I would love they bring back the legend of wrestling roundtable show they use to do on their old on demand service.

Anyway, like you can see, I would love to see more old econtent on the actual network instead of the multiple replays of the same 4 or 5 shows like they are doing now. They have so much stuff they could put on the network and instead of using the live aspect of the network to his full potential, they rather not do anything with it and just put everything on the on demand section which is a wasted opportunity for them.

In case you didn’t know, you can get a Google Chromecast ($30 when on sale) and easily stream the network to your tv through the website or through the smartphone app.

You can also get the app on PlayStation or Xbox consoles if you have that.

I am in Canada and I have the US service (and I don’t use VPN or anything) I know depending on the provider you use you can have access to the streaming portion of the WWE Network.

Problem is that the way it is set up in Canada it passes authentication via your network service provider. I picked up the service the last year while in the US - using paypal.

I just stream it like @Encubed mentioned via Chromecast from either my PC or my Android device since the WWE network app works fine as well (no VPN needed)

I too would love for them to do more of this. I cancelled the network and have tell June 1. i am going back and re-watching these.

I never watch the stream outside of PPVs. It would be great if they advertise their vault though. I’m sure that the recent additions of Thunder and Heat would have brought in a handful of subscriptions.