Why did Reigns lose to Lashley?

Now that we’ve seen Reigns coronation for the 12th time, let’s hope Vince finally has it out of his system.

My thing is - why have Reigns lose cleanly to Lashley at whatever the last PPV was?

Reigns then beats Lashley to earn a Summerslam title shot - aka he heads into the match with Brock with some good old 50/50 booking.

Did Vince actually think losing to Lashley would give Roman some sympathy? If he’s going to beat Brock, why not have him going in looking dominant?

Of course the big plans for Lashley after his win over Reigns was singing Rockin Robin.

And now that Reigns is the champ, what heels do they have built up and ready for him? ZERO.

And they wonder why no one is over…

I’m with you about the lashley thing. But the fact is I really can’t agree on your statement that no one is over because That’s not true at all.

If no one was over, WWE would be out of business by now. The fact is. They have plenty of guys who are over right now.

Reigns, Rollins, balor, strowman, Elias, owens, Ambrose, styles, miz, Bryan, Joe, new day. Just to name thoses guys are over right now. They are more over overall as a company as they ever been in the history of the company.

Do they make weird decision Sometimes? Yeah they do. Was the lashley win at extrême rules a dumb decision looking back at it? Yes it was. But that doesn’t mean that nobody is over because of it.

So nobody even thinking rubber match?

Seriously? Gee Lashley beat Reigns clean and Reigns beat him clean…what do all combat sports do when that happens? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

“Why did Reigns lose to Lashley?”

Because people will bitch that Reigns won another P.P.V match over a “fresh, new baby face.”

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I would agree with the idea of a possible rubber match if they had done something of note with Lashley recently. Even him just killing guys on TV and reminding people that if Reigns does win, he can beat him as he’s done it before. For a guy who has beat the future Universal champ, he wasn’t anywhere near Summerslam.

It was pretty pointless. Even if there’s another match to settle it, it’s still pointless as no one wants to see it and it’ll ultimately go nowhere. Can’t see Lashley getting another opportunity anytime soon anyway. WWE would have to be brain dead to offer up that again.

And yet people think I’m trolling when I say “wins and losses don’t matter”.