Why do wrestling fans ruin matches with dumb chants?

A bit of a rhetorical question since we know a lot of alcohol is consumed at these things but seriously?

You have a guy wrestling with a torn pec and all you want is a dumb table?

We have seen a million table spots. It’s nothing new and even exciting at this point. It’s not a finish it’s a lazy transition. I would be happy never seeing another table spot my whole life.

Yet on cue every PPV all the crowd wants is a dumb table no matter what is going on in the ring. Torn pec? Who cares…we want a table.

Same thing with the idiotic WHAT chant ruining promos and talking segments.

I know based on what you see on Twitter and here it’s hard to expect much from certain fans (ie hating on AEW for no reason etc) but come on.


To be fair…they chanted “we want tables” during the Corbin/Moss match and didnt get them. I dont believe they chanted it during the main event, until Seth pulled out the table and then they started chanting thank you to him. I think that was fair game.

The What? chants though are fucking terrible and the worst is the entire NXT audience. I swear, it feel like this group of dorks gets together on a facebook group before the show and coordinate what they are going to chant during the show. Every single match, one half of the crowd chants for one guy or team and the other half of the crowd chants for the other. They are the most irritating fan base in wrestling.

I swear I heard a “Thank You Rollins” chant during the middle of the match when he was in control. Head scratcher for sure


I think they just did that, because they didnt get the table during the Moss/Corbin match, when they were chanting for it. I dont think it was a chant against Cody.

It was barbaric at worst, illtimed at best.