Why Is Turner Fine with AEW Promoting a Competing Network?

So Omega is headed to Impact for an angle. From a wrestling point of view that makes sense; and as AEW is clearly not WWE it thus acknowledges the larger world of wrestling.

What I don’t get is why Turner would be ok with AEW promoting another network which runs programs that compete against Turner networks.

AXS is owned by Anthem. Anthem is not only a cable-TV competitor to Turner, but Anthem is in bed with Mark Cuban and Anschutz, who are in the sports team business (which the Khans are also.)

The only thing I can surmise is that Turner doesn’t feel that AXS will have any negative impact (pun intended) on Turner networks. I guess that is a slight against AXS.

Or perhaps this portends a new relationship between Anthem and Turner? Anthem does have content that could be of some value to Turner’s streaming service.

One thing for certain is that Tony Khan is a wheeler-dealer and comfortable with playing with others, unlike McMahon (who needs to control everything.)

I disagree with the premise of the question. You make it seem like you are under the impression that TNT has some creative control or that AEW has to get approval for its content. And I don’t know if that’s true. It could be. But I don’t think it is.

I also don’t think it’s as unusual as you make it seem. Especially since AEW has a more “sports style” presentation. During an NBA game on TNT the announcers are promoting future NBA games on non-Turner platforms at times that compete with TNT programming. It’s just a part of the deal.

Even WWE is promoting Raw and Smackdown on two competing networks.


I think there has to be some sort of relationship brewing.

One interesting aspect I wonder about is TNA’s library. They have so many great moments from so many great talents and maybe AEW wants to get its hands on that for some reason.

The library would also be something WWE probably covets

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Yeah, this is pretty much right. If TNT doesn’t own any real stock in AEW, they don’t really have much of a say in something like this. AXS isn’t on anyone’s radar anyway and ultimately if this is giving more interest in AEW, the thing they pay for, there’s very little downside to the cable situation. It’s a rising tide lifts all boats situation.

And while I don’t really agree on the vast greatness of the TNA tape library, if you have zero access to high quality historical tape for the majority of your roster and can suddenly get some old matches from like The Bucks, Cody, Brian Cage, and especially now, Sting, to add to any docs or Road To specials, and you don’t want to spend actual money on it, an exchange like this has no real cost to AEW and is something that’ll end up on TNT’s air anyway.

WWE wants to own the entire wrestling industry and all its history - a deal like that would prevent them from achieving that goal.

Just doing that would probably annoy Vince and is totally worth it to me. Basically AJ’s entire run and the majority of Angles career would then be AEW property

We complain when WWE gets petty. How is that any better? Who cares if AEW owns a tape library of AJ Styles…a guy who chose WWE over them. It makes them look second rate. All they need are some clips of guys they already have under contract.


Also, WWE has been able to get any sort of tape they’ve needed on AJ, or Joe, or Angle for the network when they’ve wanted it. I can’t imagine that buy suddenly disappears because of this, so I don’t really know how that hurts WWE. If they’re moving away from being network-centric with a lot of their stuff, buying tape libraries is probably less valuable anyway. And normally an active company’s tape library shouldn’t be all that accessible anyway. I would hope that Impact is more financially set right now that they can actually own their own history for the most part.

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Personally I don’t want WWE to own everything and write history however they want it.


Petty? Ownership of such rights is important which is why WWE make effort to own so much, it’s not just about having clips for video packages. Sounds like you’re suggesting that WWE can do it but if people combat them with the same tactics, then it’s a problem. Then it’s petty.

Anybody capable of it should prevent WWE from having such a stranglehold on the industry.

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My premise is based on the observation that AEW would not exist without TNT, and that TNT not only is the majority source of AEW income but also supports AEW in producing the Dynamite television show. Also, allegedly, TNT and AEW wants to do a second show.

Even recently Tony Khan stated clearly that as a wrestling company AEW is foremost in the television business, not the PPV business. This was his public justification for putting Winter Is Coming on TNT rather than making it a PPV.

So yes, I expect Khan to have worked with TNT on this angle. I’m also pretty sure that TNT likes having Sting back on their network for the promotional angles. ( I don’t expect Sting to do real matches, but to be a personality on air and in advertisements.)

AEW is a minor part of the Turner broadcasting portfolio of shows, but it is big enough to have Turner network executive attention and support.

I’ll just ask if TNT seems unhappy with AEW.
Getting a significant discount on the rights to AEW; getting consistent ratings no matter what night of the week or program shifting they have had to do; Talent share between TNT property with NBA and Shaq; allowed them to use Winter is Coming which is an HBO property (owned by Warner Media which owns TNT). Doesn’t seem like they care one bit as long as AEW keeps being cutting edge, viewed favorably, and grows the business. This opportunity to really “Change the World” of pro wrestling which the Elite has said they wanted to do for a long long time is likely a business opportunity not a move to make because they are struggling. It comes from a position of strength. So…why even wonder about something that literally does not exist. Wrestling is a BUSINESS. A Massive business. Stop thinking about business decisions as feuds. Does it make money, have the potential to make money, position you to make more money? If yes, the Network ain’t mad.

TNT is basically paying $1 per viewer. I think that’s a pretty good deal. $125mil for 3 years is a hell of a discount to $1bln for 5 years. On a per viewer basis it’s not even close.


Personally I think any promotion can do whatever they want.

Not to speak for someone else, but I don’t think the previous poster was saying that AEW is petty, my interpretation was that they were pointing out the hypocrisy in certain fans when they bash WWE for doing something, then cheer AEW for the same.

I get that WWE owning everything is annoying given the way they use it at times, but I can’t bash them for doing it as it’s a smart business decision. At the same time, if an opportunity arises for AEW to add something to their library, they have every right to do it as well.
With all this said, Omega is just appearing on Impact, this is all speculation at this point (from what I know).

This is not directed at you, but some fans just have way too much personally invested in what these billionaires decide to buy with their money.



People get too caught up in the fandom and make it personal.

When it comes to WWE, there’s a pattern of AEW being extremely petty and quite small time. I’ve never seen stars of any other TV show brag about beating another show in the ratings as regularly as some AEW personnel do. And it’s against a feeder brand as well… AEW definitely wouldn’t mind being petty.

Not to say WWE aren’t petty either in other ways. I guess it’s a wrestling thing. Both have similar, variety show content on every show as well. Not much of an alternative regardless of what people might want to think.

They do It so you respond this way. It’s called getting a reaction from Marks. It’s okay, I’m a victim of it too. Lol. They really just do it so we debate it on forums like this. If they didn’t, what would we debate? We’d Fantasy book and always be disappointed instead.


I seem to remember that being a topic of conversation during the monday night wars. When Bischoff would read the results of Raw on Nitro.

AEW working with other promotions also helps make the industry as a whole stronger.

It may seem weird to WWE diehards who are used to the competition never being acknowledged or being buried if they are mentioned.

We’ve seen 20 years of pretty much a monopoly in North America and it has not been good. Anything to get more eyes on different visions of wrestling is a great thing


This made me remember that my favourite days of WWF were the mid 90’s where they’d work with and acknowledge other companies like ECW, USWA and Smokey Mountain.

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Yeah that first ECW invasion was wild. Vince was getting his ass kicked and desperate and it produced some fun television.

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No offense but AXS can hardly be considered a competing Network to TNT. Its not even close. Thats why TNT doesn’t care. If it was USA or FX than yeah they would care.