Why would anyone want the 24/7 title?

Kayfabe-wise, what would motivate anyone to try to win this thing?

There was no build to the reveal, no match or moment that made it seem like a big deal and nothing was explained.

Do guys get more money if they have the title? More TV time? Why would someone like Robert Roode want the title to begin with?

If it’s desirable, why did Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley not care when they saw Roode?

Judging by the reaction of the live audience, the title is already a massive flop. I just don’t see this being anything but a prop for some bad comedy.

They should just keep it on Main Event or 205 Live away from the main roster. And why is the belt so hideous?

In a Kayfabe sense, one could argue it actually does give you more TV time. I felt like I was watching an episode of Superstars when the segment was happening.

I’m going to give it some time before complain about it. Raw desperately needs anything different, and the 24/7 title could at least break up the program a bit.


You’re super patient.

I think it may have some potential but week one has basically established it as a comedy title.

Oh hey, Ricochet lost at MITB and then lost again on Monday. :zipper_mouth_face:

If it is just backstage shit, I’ll probably get tired of it. I need more segments in grocery stores, malls, airports, chuck e cheese, etc. I think it could be good entertainment. I enjoyed the 24/7 rule back in the day.

I’m not that patient. It was introduced last night…

And they introduced it by having wrestlers chase each other around like a joke.

Which brings me to my original point, why introduce something that anyone with a brain would not want to hold. What is the benefit to being the 24/7 champ? They could have easily done that last night and they chose not to. There’s no plan, it’s going to be pure comedy and everyone trying to “win” this title will look stupid.

I prefer DDT’s Hardcore Title which mocked WWE’s.

Hey man, I just want to be entertained. I don’t care if it’s a joke title or that everyone chasing it looks stupid. They’re not doing anything with Eric Young or No Way Jose anyway. Not everything has to be serious. It’s wrestling.

There’s some hilarious 24/7 strategy videos on YouTube going into Smackdown. This is the kind of shit I want from this title. The SIngh Brothers showed me more in a 2 minute clip, than I’ve seen from them in their entire run so far.


Ummmm. King Maxwell has already declared interest. Yikes.

You’re going to sit here and tell me if R Truth was hanging out and you had a steel chair and a referee, you wouldn’t want to hold the strap?



Really, why would anyone want any of the titles? Outside of the Universal title, and the Women’s belts, they are all pretty worthless.

To us they are meaningless, in the world of WWE, these guys should all be wanting titles. Being a champion, should mean higher pay.

We complain a lot about how little the titles mean, but they also do a bad job in portraying what these titles mean to each guy or girl.

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I’m actually a fan of this title as long as it’s not booked or scripted by creative. I’d fully endorse letting the boys create for themselves and do so on social channels as a way to prove they can get over or see what does get over. This isn’t different than when Ryder made the Internet championship a thing except now it’s a real belt made by the company. The concept isn’t bad at all, just don’t make this anything more than an ironic way to let lower card guys try to get over by creatively booking their own shit

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I’m less concerned about who books it than that it is well booked and not just on the TV show, I agree that it should be on social media and YouTube etc. we are in an age when they can really make it feel like a 24/7 thing if they tape segments and release them on an ongoing basis at random times. The taping needs to look a armature though not super high quality camera work.

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I think it’ll be forgotten about in 3 weeks.

If you give it to someone who can be funny like Drake or R Truth, it works.

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If you’re a underneath guy that pretty much don’t get any tv time or the only time your getting is on WWe main event, why wouldn’t you want to get this title. It at less give you tv time on Raw and Smackdown that you normally wouldn’t be getting because they are too busy pushing the top guys on both show.

So yeah, it’s a comedy title, but so what. Where watching WWE television, it’s not suppose to be taken seriously, it never was. It’s about the entertainment aspect of the product not the wrestling aspect so this is perfect way to integrate performers that normally wouldn’t get the chance to be on tv and to me that a good thing.

It doesn’t matter who books it but I trust talent being creative on their own to get over this title and concept way more than I do a creative team in a writing room.

I’d rather leave the company.

Dead wrong. Was Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart only about being entertaining? Some things should absolutely be taken seriously.

I have no problem with comedy but there is already WAY too much of it on WWE programming, and the majority of it isn’t more sad than funny.

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