Will Ospreay

This guy is a fucking superstar. The more I see of him, the more his stock rises with me. There are 2 things that really stand out the most to me though, his selling and his promos. I think both are extremely underrated. This guy knows how to sell a body part and he does it great. He always looks like he’s in severe pain. Maybe he is, because he’s crazy, but he doesn’t forget to show it when he’s going for a move.

I never hear anyone talk about his promos and I don’t understand why. Obviously he isn’t one of the greats, but I think he always shows a lot of fire in his promos and they always come off really great to me. Between him and Ricochet, I don’t even think its close, I really think Ospreay blows him away on every level.

He’s how old and had how many injuries…maybe he isn’t selling?

You tell me…I’ve only been following him the last couple years and I don’t recall him being out for any significant time. Sure, he’s going to get hurt with the style that he has and the way he works, but there are a lot of guys out there, who work an intense style and even when you can tell they are hurt, don’t do as good of a job selling.

He scares the hell out of me, if he carries on working this dangerous style he won’t be in the business long enough to build a really great career. I’m from the same area as Ospreay and a big fan and i wish he would calm down.

Prior to the Best of the Super Junior tournament, there was concern over Will Ospreay having nagging injury issues at the age of 23. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, here is a breakdown of what Ospreay has been dealing with after four years in the wrestling business…

Two slipped discs in his back

Seven concussions

A shoulder that is prone to separation

Two fractured heels

Sciatica that is causing numbness in his foot

Source: 411Mania.com

And that was two years ago.

Amazingly, what we see now is a more toned down version of how he used to wrestling. I agree his selling is underrated, I remember watching a match he had where they were working over his arm and he usually did a handspring spinning kick so he did it without his arms. That blew me away, such an idea and the fact he could do it so flawlessly.

He’s unfortunately dealing with a double edged sword. His style is pretty dangerous to himself but it’s that style that he made him a top star wherever he’s been and I’m sure he’s not questioning his work when New Japan make him the first British Super Juniors and IWGP Jr. champ.

It’s no surprise. Like I said in my first post, he’s crazy. I’m sure he’s in pain just walking around his house, you still need skills to sell like he does. He just does little things in each match, that I notice, that others don’t do. I’m sure if he’s in legit pain, the adrenaline takes over a lot of time and he doesn’t even feel it during the match.

I enjoy his matches but almost feel guilty because of what he’s putting himself through. I think he’s talented enough that he doesn’t need to rely on risking his life 100 times per match and I hope he adjusts his style to prolong his career.