Will RAW finally be a better show than dynamite ?

I feel like ever since Dynamite moved away from NXT, they’ve consistently had a better show than raw. It probably even dates back further than that.

This week however I must say raw was actually a good show. A tremendous riddle vs AJ match, A steelcage ebd to the feud between E and Lashley, and overall felt like a much better show that we seen in many weeks.

Coupled with this, dynamite seems to be coming off the high of last week. The card that they’ve announced seems a little weak with no major stars, and although I fully expect that they may have some surprises with the show in Brodie’s hometown, on the surface it’s finally possibke that raw puts on a better show this week.

I would expect in the ratings that Raw will win because it was a good show and dynamite doesn’t have the same allure as last week, but I’m thinking here more in the eyes of the fans.

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Lol, is this a serious post?

I FF’ed through most of RAW, it seemed ok. I’m sure Riddle and AJ had a fine match but it’s the fourth one-on-one singles matches on tv since July.

Since then they’ve also been in the ring for two tag matches with each other and Riddle has been out there twice when Styles fought Orton.

Basically it’s stale as hell. I can get “good wrestling” every day of the week. I don’t want pointless rematches and bullshit non-finishes (which is all WWE does).

Lashley and Big E was good, but they are quickly going to run that into the ground too. This month alone they’ve been involved in five matches with each other.

And putting aside all of this, RAW is a three hour show with a roster about 1/3 as good as AEW. I don’t see RAW being “better” than Dynamite anytime soon.

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I liked it! AJ vs Riddle was actually very good and we got a lot of decent matches. It wasn’t an A+ show but much better than usuals RAWs

I only point this out as you probably have the first Dynamite with no big stars announced in a long time.

There is no Jericho, Moxley. Omega, Punk, Bucks, Darby, Britt, Bryan, MJF, Sting announced for Dynamtite

When is the last time this occurred?

Now of course they could announce these guys or they could be involved in the show without being announced. I imagine something big for Brodie. It could involve even a new guy such as Bray Wyatt. However, if there was ever a week RAW is going to be the better show this is probably the only time it’s even going to be close.

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Wrestling is subjective, so nothing but love and respect for anyone who enjoys or prefers Raw over AEW. I’m pretty sure that about a 1/4 of the names you’ve listed will be on tonight’s Dynamite, whether it be through promo or some kind of match. There’s also Jungle Boy vs Adam Cole and Sammy vs Miro which should be great matches.


Depends how you define “better.” RAW had a few good matches, sure. But I have no doubt there will be some good wrestling on Dynamite as well. The very fact that RAW is three hours immediately costs it a couple points on my eyes. It could be the perfect show and still be an 8 just because I can’t stand the three hour format.

Long story short if I was a betting man (and I am), I would place my bets that I would much rather sit through tonight’s two hour Dynamite than Monday’s three hour RAW. But we shall see. Maybe this show tonight absolutely sucks.

ALSO, in defense of the “no stars on tonight’s Dynamite” angle… Miro vs. Sammy should be awesome and I am hoping for a title change. I’m a Huge Sammy mark and he deserves a run with the belt. Weekly Sammy title defenses would be awesome.

Finally, because it is the Brodie Lee tribute show, there is a decent chance we see something really cool. Bray Wyatt perhaps?

Adam Cole vs Jungle Boy and Miro vs Sammy has been announced - both fresh matches that have the potential to be as good as anything on RAW.

I’ll admit RAW was definitely a better show than usual but they burned through a lot. Basically two world title matches (one in a cage), a women’s title match and a US title match.

They did nothing to explain or build the draft, which is usually a show that makes no sense. I think next weeks show is a train wreck - the draft shows are Vince’s weird interpretation of sports - which are completely off the rails most of the time.

I fail to see how anyone thinks Raw was even good. Sure…Styles/Riddle had a good match. Sheamus/Priest had a good match. They also had good matches every other time they’ve been involved in singles, tag, trios etc. Its like they are taking a piece of shit and covering it with layer after layer of chocolate to hide from the fact that its still shit.

They announce these big matches at the start of the show, because they are desperate and then you cant even trust them not to have a fuck finish, to build up to something in their main event, which also might have a fuck finish.

They throw guys back together who hated each other a couple months ago. Why? Because one side has a group of 3, so the other has to? And there is no creativity in putting that group together. I’d have turned Ricochet and put him back with Cedric. Split up the Street Profits and put Dawkins with them and you have a new, fresh Hurt Business with Lashley, Dawkins, Ricochet & Cedric.

The only thing I will give people toward liking this show more, is if they arent fans of the AEW in ring style. I can understand a WWE fan not being into that. But the show as a whole, it does not even come close.

I think the AEW style has parts that appeal to people but for me, not all of it does. Neither does all of WWE. So there are times that I like things from both shows

For instance I like the Danielson/ Omega stuff but I’m not a fan of overly flippy choreographed stuff where people stand around to catch someone and they take two minutes on the top turnbuckle to set themselves. I also have never really understood the psychology of a young bucks match and other than a couple of times like the Omega page match I usually don’t love their stuff.

I don’t get Orange Cassidy being over. I don’t get Kris Statlander being an alien.

I might be slightly old for their target audience and maybe that’s why, but I still find enough stuff in there shows that most weeks I’m entertained. I really like the Jericho MJF stuff and I thought the omega punk Danielson stuff is all good. Miro and Black are good.

That being said this week they did have much better RAW than usual. It’s still had a lot of dumb stuff, and it’s not like I enjoy two minute matches. But I do enjoy the psychology of a well wrestled WWE match over a young bucks match for instance. It’s rare to find however but this week had more than usual


I honestly agree with all of this. All totally fair criticisms. Bucks are overrated IMO. Way too much flippy, choreographed bullshit. Matches that don’t make sense. Some questionable booking decisions. Way too much focus on some of the wrong people (Orange Cassidy, Matt Hardy, Paul Wight).

And you know what? I’m still like 99% certain I’m gonna enjoy Dynamite more than RAW this week. Again, I’m a bettor. And when the same bet has hit like 25 times in a row, it’s only natural to ride that lightning until proven otherwise.

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Apparently my good brother Alex sorely underestimated the power of Arn “Get The Gat” Anderson w/a live mic (or a Glock) in his hand.


I thought Raw had some very fun matches in Big E vs. Lashley, Styles vs. Riddle, and Priest vs. Sheamus.

I also thought Dynamite had some very fun matches in Cole vs. Jungle Boy, Miro vs. Guevara, that tag match with Cody, and the quick six-man. It was also an hour shorter.

I was wrong. Dyanamite, while not outstanding, was better. Loved the final match