will you be watching AEW Full Gear?

I guess I just see it differently.

Yeah maybe attendance is down but that’s really common in the UK right now, everyone’s cancelling gigs so i just assume it could be that. Maybe that’s my tinted glasses.

I don’t think WWE will be as effected as it’s a completely different product. Im sure there’s some NBA teams like the Lakers that always sell out or the Phillies in Bball and WWE are of that level. If someone doesn’t go someone else will.

If the core fans don’t go to AEW there isn’t that wider interest yet and there may not be for decades.

I think they’re doing great from what I hear. Brandon T thinks they’re gonna get a big bump in their TV money. They could really do with a ROH deal or at least a solution to that issue.

90% of people on here seem happy with the product. It’s can’t just continually get better and better. There will be dips, that’s natural.

I think AEW maybe also has an older audience who don’t watch religiously on standard TV. I don’t know anyone who does these days so I guess im just not so sure that it’s as simple as; audience is down on network TV and attendance rates = less interest. I think there’s a lot more going on these days and those things are getting very little discussion on Post

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