Will you be watching Dynasty?

Honest question… do things in wrestling only register as “stories” to some of you if it includes the 30 minute promos, skits etc? There can be storytelling in a well done match too. What constitutes a “story” for you? There have been well built video packages going into this PPV.


What I’m saying is “storytelling” can be very subjective and broad depending on the person watching.

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Like Danielson/Ospreay I presume are just getting started and the match was a classic so no complaints there. FTR/Bucks build was dare I say, not good. Swerve/Joe’s build was quite minimal, and the absence of Hangman I feel has taken my interest in Swerve’s chase down a bit since they have such a great rivalry, and Joe/Swerve just didn’t have that same intensity IMO. Everything was serviceable enough going in and everyone killed in between the bell tonight, but I’m just not that invested in any particular storyline, and my main investment in tonight’s card was mostly just matches for matches sake. Again, great matches all around but usually AEW PPVs have at least a Kingston/Danielson or Swerve/Hangman level story in the mix with more personal stakes involved. Great matches are great matches but great storyline support can amplify them and it just wasn’t there for me this cycle.

Well of course I’m not really speaking for anyone but myself in this regard.

Watched late last night and finished this morning with some mild fast-forwarding. I don’t have a lot of original comments to make positively other than Holy Shit Okada/PAC, Holy F’n Shit Ospreay/Danielson, and the rest was (mostly) really good.

A few nitpicks:

  • Don’t have a 60-year-old kick out of a baseball bat shot on the preshow if a baseball bat shot is also the finish to one of your title matches.
  • It was good, but I’ll still take another “regular” FTR/Bucks match over a ladder match.
  • Samoa Joe was an afterthought for his entire title reign, which sucks. The dude hasn’t been in the right place at the right time for a proper main event run in close to a decade now.

Just came across this tweet by Denise Salcedo and I didn’t know this, but what in the odds, huh?

Well that was amazing. What a great show with an awesome ending. I was convinced Swerve wasn’t winning. I accidentally saw he was in a championship elimination match on dynamite so assumed he’d lost again.

What a surprise that he actually won.

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You thought Swerve was in an eliminator match for the ROH TV title?!? That’s a depressing thought lol


Finally watched the show, in ring was awesome! Here are my thoughts on the big matches:

Okada vs Pac was ok. For some reason I don’t seem to get into Okada matches as much as everyone else around here and I even found myself bored for the first half of the match. The end though really picked up and I did enjoy it in the end.

Danielson vs Ospreay was fricken amazing, nothing bad can be said about the in-ring as it was just next level and right near the top of my list for match of the year. From a technical standpoint it was by far IMO #1 for me, the only reason I may not make it my MOTY is the emotional side of it as I wasn’t as invested as I was in matches like Sting/Darby/Bucks or Cody/Roman, but this is pulling hairs as it was amazing!

Bucks vs FTR was great, I had no problem with the finish as it was a great way to re-introduce Perry (minus the video footage). Loved the match.

Joe vs Swerve was very good and the closing moment was cool, but following the classics we had already seen, it was hard to come back up to that previous high. Reminded me of Jericho/Hunter following Rock/Hogan at WM18 to a degree. Regardless, I’m happy they are going with Swerve and it was a good match.


Sorry to break it to you but you missed it

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Is this directed at me?

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Calm down calm down ha ha

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