Will You Be Watching Elimination Chamber?

Someone always makes a thread for AEW but never WWE. So will you be watching elimination chamber?

Also what is the over/under on match length for Lesnar vs Lashley? I got 6 and half minutes.

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I’m going 11 minutes on the Lashley v Lesnar match. I’d love a Lashley win :trophy:
But can’t see it

I will not be watching, I’m intrigued by the Sami Roman match but not enough to pay to watch the rest of it.

Absolutely no interest in either of the EC matches and I don’t think WWE are great at mixed tags so I’m happy to just hear John and Wais review on this one

I’ll watch live if I can, will definitely watch at some point between Saturday-Monday.

Brock and Lashley will be a short match bell-to-bell (o/u 5 minutes) but a longer segment with a beatdown or brawl to the back. I’m expecting a no contest because I don’t know what else either guy has for Mania.

If I can’t watch live I’ll catch it later.

I think it’s must watch for the main event

Genuinely really want to watch, but working a 24hr shift in the uk on the Sunday, so can’t stay up for it and may be too long to avoid spoilers.

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For the first time in years I wanted to watch a WWE ppv live….but me and my fiancée are going away for the weekend so it’s doubtful

I will be. A Canadian crowd is always worth tuning in for. But I will be picking and choosing, zero interest in the women’s chamber.

I’ll 100% be watching. Not live as I can’t watch any wrestling live, but I’ll TiVo it and watch the next day.

Sami match should have punk/Cena Chicago, first dance vibes to it, you don’t get that type of crowd connection often in wrestling, but when you do it’s awesome and you can just tell this match is going to be special.

I always like elimination chamber matchups, I’m not “excited” or anything, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

I can’t watch live but I will be watching as soon as I can. It’s perhaps the best February PPV done by WWE in 20 years.

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4:45 and a fuck finish

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You called it.

So they are clearly going for a rematch at mania, but Bray also challenged the winner. Are they doing a triple threat at mania? That feels like a very very weird match.

Or will they do some weird tag team deal and have Lashley and Brock team against Bray and Uncle Howdy?

Both are odd directions.