Will you plan on attending AEW in Canada LIVE?

We often have these threads but this one will be a bit different…

Now that they have announced a full on Canadian tour in July in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan; are any of my Canadian friends here on the forum have any interest in attending these shows LIVE in person?

I know that the AEW product can be polarizing at times, but for me who lives in the Windy City and the countless times they’ve came here, I cannot recommend going to at least one show enough. Each and every time, I’ve had a lot of fun and so much great things at these taping especially the after shows when they send the crowd home happy is second to none.

This Canadian tour is gonna be something to watch as they’re doing the big hockey arenas. Rogers Place, the Saddledome, FirstOntario Centre, etc. Are you considering going to any of these shows?

I’d like to get down to Toronto and attend Forbidden Door, but financially, I doubt I can make it work. I’m hoping though.

I’m in Vancouver and we got completely shut out. I’m thinking I may go to Edmonton for Dynamite though. Have gone to both Double or Nothing shows in Vegas and can confirm AEW shows are a ton of fun.

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I’ve already got my tickets for Forbidden Door so will be there!

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No, but not because I dont want to, but rather I live in Windsor and if I go to a show its going to be the Detroit show.

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I went to 2 AEW Shows (Dynamite/Rampage in Buffalo & Dynamite in Toronto) and both were great! I recommend going to at least 1 AEW show if you can make it.

As for the upcoming shows I’m just going to Forbidden Door and not the Dynamite/Rampage in Hamilton.

As a former Calgarian who lives in Vancouver, the sneaky pick for those who like to party is the House Rules show at the Saddledome.

A.) For those who don’t know, the Calgary Stampede is a 10-day country-themed party with a rodeo attached. Yes, there is a rodeo. However, the overwhelming majority of the people going “Stampedeing” have never seen the rodeo portion and never will. However, every Calgarian (past and present) has a soft spot for the mini-donuts.

Dressing like your staring in a Western is optional.

B.) Regardless of the act, be it Katy Perry or Kiss, admission to the show gives you admission to the grounds.

C.) Did I mention it’s a party? AEW should get a very strong walkup of drunken “casuals” on the last Saturday night of Stampede, who are inebriated on the grounds and would rather pay to go to a rasslin’ show than watch, like, Sloan on the Coca-Cola Stage or something. No offense to any potential Sloan fans.

To answer the main question: this time last year, I would have been on board and found a way to make it work to go to Dynamite in Seattle, let alone in my old home province a drive away. However, I’m so removed from wrestling that the only show that I would consider is Forbidden Door - and mostly because, while I may be divorced from pro wrestling, I still want to go to a NJPW show. Went to NOAH in Japan back in the '00s, but that ain’t NJPW :heart_eyes:. LOL. And I won’t go to forbidden door because of the $'s involved. So it goes.

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