Willow Nightingale scheduled for 11/3 Ganbare Pro event

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/10/25/willow-nightingale-scheduled-for-11-3-ganbare-pro-event/

Ganbare Pro welcoming in Willow Nightingale.

On October 29th, All Elite Wrestling’s Willow Nightingale will be in action for Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. She’ll be tagging with Princess of Princess Champion Yuka Sakazaki to take on Yuki Kamifuki and Maki Itoh.

While Willow is in Japan, she’ll also be taking a date with Ganbare Pro Wrestling which is under the CyberFight umbrella.

Willow is going to be in a tag match for Ganbare Pro as well. Her partner is Moeka Haruhi and they are scheduled to take on Yoshiko Hasegawa and Yuna Manase.

11月3日横浜ラジアントホール大会全カード決定/ウィロー・ナイチンゲールがガンプロ初参戦! 今成&HARUKAZEの名タッグ(?)が大家&YuuRIと激突! 勝村の盟友・岡田参戦で神崎と一騎打ち! 勝村は地元・横浜でジャクソンから至宝奪還なるか!https://t.co/UgpTes5m0C#GanPro pic.twitter.com/hpeRIY7OFT

— ガンバレ☆プロレス(ガンプロ) (@ganpro0417) October 25, 2022

This past Friday on a live episode of Rampage, it was revealed that Nightingale is signed to AEW. The news was made public after Willow scored a win over Leila Grey.