Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) working on feature film with Jason Baker

Originally published at Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) working on feature film with Jason Baker

Jason Baker shares details of what he and Windham Rotunda are working on.

Back in July, WWE announced the release of Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) after an 11-year run with the sports-entertainment company. One of Rotunda’s next ventures is filmmaking as he’ll be working with Callosum Studios owner Jason Baker to produce a feature film.

‘Metro’ spoke to Baker and he provided details of what he and Rotunda are working on. Jason posted a picture on social media of himself and Rotunda on a Warner Bros. movie lot in October. He said they had some meetings which progressed and that has led to a film being made.

Two weeks to go, we’re filming in Tennessee. It’s a feature film and it’s something really new and different. I’d say probably the best way to describe it is Ichi the Killer meets Xanadu.

We had some meetings out there and things happened and things got moving forward, and now we’re going and shooting this feature film with him the end of the month.

Windham’s last sanctioned pro wrestling match was at WrestleMania 37 against Randy Orton. Prior to that, he competed in December at the TLC pay-per-view where he was ‘burned alive’ as The Fiend character.

Had to do some searching on this. Jason Baker is a special makeup artist, and Callosum Studios is a company he co-founded with renowned makeup artist Tom Savini, who I believe designed the Fiend mask. So Rotunda working with Baker and his company seems right in line.


I am intrigued.