Winner of BOSJ

Who do you think is winning the Best Of the Super Juniors tournament this year?

Personally I think that there is a huge chance Ospreay is winning. The reason for that is Rey Mysterio not having an announced opponent, which opens the door for Ospreay to challenge him after he wins BOSJ.

What do you guys think of my idea and if you disagree, who do you think will win and why?

I’m new to NJPW in general so this is my first viewing of BOSJ. I find it strange that the tournament format has the champion competing but that’s not a complaint. Getting to see a bunch of Ospreay matches against a variety of opponents is great.

I think Ospreay is in that category of performer that is at a level where he doesn’t need to win BOSJ to still be considered top-level and I don’t think him not winning BOSJ would mean that he couldn’t still face Rey. Personally. I’m indifferent to seeing Rey in NJPW.

What I’m enjoying most about BOSJ is seeing guys that are usually mired in multi-man tags get a chance to have singles matches and really showcase what they can do. I won’t call this a prediction but I’d love to see El Desperado win. I’ve really been impressed by what he’s been doing.

I really hope that isn’t the case. This tournament is a great way to showcase junior heavyweight talent, and build long lasting feuds or programs between talent. Rey as good as he is shouldn’t get battling for a title shot I’d like to see him battle Lyger like he was supposed to at Strong Style Evolved. Unless he is injured and I don’t know about it.

When guys like Sho, Yoh, Ishimori, Flip, Hiromu are just incredible and could have an excellent program with Ospreay that could go beyond Dominion potentially it just makes the most sense.

I vote for Hiromu but it could go to Scurrl too to set up a rematch of that wicked match from April 1.

I’m calling Ishimori or Ospreay. The only other ones that make sense right now, are Hiromu & Scurll, but both have already had shots recently. The rest I dont think are ready yet.

I don’t think Ishamori needs to win as he is already set up as a title challenger for beating Osprey on day 1. I don’t see anybody other than Osprey in block A strong enough to win.

He was bang on about the New Japan Cup, and I think WH Park is going to be right about Sho. He’s been really impressive so far and we’ve already seen Osprey face all of the other top contenders in block B this year.

Finally, have the matches from the 24th been uploaded yet? I had a look, didn’t see anything and was wondering if anybody else was not seeing them either.

Update: the tournament matches from the 24th have been posted, a little longer than I expected.

Ishimori beating Ospreay on night one does set him up for a title shot regardless but he’s the only one that really makes sense to me. Ospreay winning and challenging Rey Mysterio makes a lot of sense; Rey may not have done anything in New Japan to deserve the shot but that’s not the story being told in this scenario - Ospreay respects Rey massively and would be challenging him in order to face him on a much bigger stage than he ever has previously and for a title to boot. Meanwhile, Ishimori winning solidifies him as a top junior in the division and he’s been positioned right opposite Ospreay since his debut, so him winning makes a ton of sense.

I don’t see Hiromu, Scurll or KUSHIDA winning because all three have face Ospreay and challenged for the title numerous times recently. I think Flip Gordon will put in a very good showing and may possibly end up being the highest scoring gaijin that’s not got the title when all is said and done.

As for SHO, and his partner YOH; I think they’re both going to do admirably but they seem more concentrated on their tag division success right now so I don’t see either winning - I could see an Ospreay vs. SHO final though.