With Vince back in charge are you still interested in WWE?

I have to say with reports Vince ram that horrible RAW I’m probably done with this (like I have been for most RAW shows under his watch) for the next few months.

I haven’t been keeping up with AEW but will probably go back
To that.

It’s so disheartening to see this old man throw himself back into this role when what was going on before was so much better.

As morbid as it sounds I’m almost hoping he is somehow incapacitated somehow to prevent him from doing this.

This likely means we will be back to talent going to AEW and not coming into WWE like it had been before. Can’t imagine FTR or Kenny etc coming back under Vince



I was enjoying WWE without Vince, that makes me sad.


Heading Vince is back at Gorilla makes me the most sad for Michael Cole having to put up with his input now for five hours a week. We saw how much better Cole could be with just a little bit of creative freedom the past six months. He seemed so much happier and energized. Now he’s back to just being the mouthpiece for McMahon.


If last night was any indication, I will be back to getting my WWE content consumption exclusively through John and Wai’s podcasts, in short order. They’re going right back to being nothing but horrible, unwatchable drek.

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Forgive me because I am not a business person or know the inner workings, but surely, as consumers, if the ones who buy into the product don’t want him around, why is he still there?

We are the ones who put the money in their pockets, the ones who buy the shows, the tickets, the merch and if we are alienated by the presence of McMahon that’s bad for business right?

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WWE has made money hand over foot, inspite of itself. Vince being in charge was an Endeavor call - and as such, they’ll continue being successful enough whatever they put out on TV.

Unless hundreds of thousands of people suddenly stop watching or paying, why would they change course?

They’ll get a huge TV renewal, which will be on Vince’s watch, and be seen as having the golden touch - further entrenching himself with the new partners.

Sadly, over the years, fan’s having their say has proven to be pretty challenging. And unfortunately, as long as their is a base of 1.5M watching on Mondays and close to 2M on Fridays, networks will be happy enough and business will be as usual.

Already we see people stating that “aw shucks, Vince is back, but I guess it is what it is”… And that’s on a forum where most of us are hyper critical. Imagine those who aren’t as into the minutia as us. They’re not going to question things.

It absolutely sucks. Again, I had hoped a sale would mean an absolute clean slate for the company. Unfortunately, it went completely the opposite direction.

For a brief moment I was interested in seeing where they take things with the LWO and Cody as champion. My optimism and interest is now gone.

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Not at all. That was a horrendous episode of Raw with Vince’s stench all over it. The Raw after Mania actually used to be fun but last night was a mess.

Personally I cancelled the network and am probably out until the Rumble.

There’s just something very uncomfortable about the whole thing. It’s like he has gotten away with everything. That coupled with the look he is rocking at the moment just makes me very uncomfortable

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I was on Reddit before the show, since I cant watch live and I kept seeing everyone talking about how bad this show was. I dont get it. What did you find so bad about it?

I saw no difference other than promoting a main event and not following through, which I was ok with, because I thought the Lesnar/Cody beatdown was fantastic. I also enjoyed the stuff with Judgment Day and Bad Bunny.

Absolutely not. It’s insane to me that WrestleMania night 1 was just two nights ago, and it was a really solid show. If Night 2 and Raw are a sign that it’s back to old business, then both because a sense of morality, but also an interest in not wasting time then I’m out.


RIP a watchable fun wwe… summerslam 2022 to Night 1 of WrestleMania…

I will no longer be watching…




I’ll go back to watching WWE the same way I have for the last 5-6 years which is to watch just the PLE’s which usually always have good matches and deliver an entertaining show. Their excellently produced recap packages can fill in the gaps from ignoring the weekly TV.

And then go back to ignoring the TV week-to-week. Even in the Triple H era I still didn’t watch 5 hours of WWE a week. But I checked in on Raw and SmackDown more often. And always watched the Bloodline related angles.

What I’ll miss is that every week there were must-watch videos of the talent being able to improv and do much more natural promos. When the scripting is terrible there becomes very little to get interested in.

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Main event that never delivered and “Brock Smash” that Vince loves. False advertising

Seth doing nothing in the ring other than stand there

Bayley cut from damage CTRL

Omos squash for no reason

Ali squash for no reason

No wrestling at all

This was a disaster. Stupid shit that caused people to tune out


Yup the bait and switch in the main event combined with a non-sensical heel turn was 100 per cent Vince.

Don’t forget undermining the “showcase” match one night later by having a number one contenders match for the women’s tag titles.

Owens and Zayn also were the definition of mid card. Apparently they do not care that Reigns and the Bloodline walked away with the world title. Don’t even bother mentioning it.

To top it off there was a total of 30 minutes of wrestling in this three hour show :joy:

Well, in Yesterdays case it was a monster rating and viewership number. So you can’t factually say it caused anyone to tune out.

But over time if Raw and Smackdown go back to being so bland and frustrating I would expect the ratings to flatten back out.

I was referring to a general sense it was this kind of stuff causing ratings to drop for the last few years. Obviously, I wouldn’t expect that viewership during the show was going to be low but I suspect it will fall over the next few months if this is the trend. This is all unwatchable bullshit. I mean you have a 77-year-old man trying to book a show who looks like a goddamn fucking porn star. Clearly he’s out of touch with Reality.

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Personally, I think more of a Clark Gable by way of the California Raisins.