Woken Matt Hardy Vs Bray Wyatt Match stip Poll

So there’s a poll for a match stipulation between Bray and Woken Matt on wwe.com.

Looks like it’s happening again! lol

I think if house of horrors is every going to work, it has to be in this rivalry…right?

Hardy Compound Match is not an option?

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Should’ve been a loser acts normal choice.

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If they let Matt help here then it could be ok. My guess is that it got picked because we’ve seen all the other matches a ton of times. Outside the Empty Arena, not seen one of those in years (in WWE).

House of Horrors II couldn’t be worse than the first… could it?


Maybe they’re gonna revisit that House of Horrors Match and try making it more like Final Deletion? And yes, making at the Hardy Compound should be mandatory.

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It definitely should be!

I’m all in on Bray taking a dip in the Lake of Reincarnation and coming out as Husky Harris!


Here’s hoping instead of riding a lawnmower across Bray Wyatts overgrown mess of a lawn he instead plants flowers and makes it all nice… That’ll teach him.