women's qualifying matches for MITB match

Something i just realize about the way they have done those matches, Their not enough women’s on both brand to have them try and qualify once.

After tonight: Raw has natalya, Sarah Logan, Liz morgan and Dana Brooke that didn’t qualify yet and on smackdown, they have Billie Kay, Naomi and Lana. So i’m guessing that Next week where probably getting Sarah Logan vs Liz morgan vs Natalya on Raw and Naomi vs Lana on smackdown. Which leave 1 spot left for each show.

So what happens then, are they just going to have second chance battle royal on both shows to determined who that last participant on each brand is going to be or do you just put Dana and Billie in a match against somebody who already lost.

I don’t know but either way, the fact that they feel like they needed to have 2 women’s title matches on the card as well as the MITB match itself kinda feel like a little bit too much and you could have use Asuka in that match instead of throwing here in a meaningless title match against carmella.