WON Hall of Fame Question

I was wondering if someone can be in the hall of fame even if he/she’s had criminal charges against him/her ?

Sure. I mean both Benoit and Vince McMahon are in the WON hall of fame. Granted Benoit hadn’t committed any crimes when he was put in. But Vince McMahon had already had federal charges brought against him when he was out in.

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Yeah they don’t care about stuff like that. I mean Benoit is still in and he killed two people (allegedly)

I don’t think you need to allegedly to the indisputable fact that he murdered his family.

I have no doubt he did. I’m just throwing that in there in case, since he actually was never convicted of a crime if that is the justification, they’re using.

They had a recall vote on Benoit and they got a simple majority but not the 60% needed to remove him.

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Which is pretty disgusting. It shouldn’t even have been a question. It’s a made up hall-of-fame entirely designed by Meltzer. All he had to do was say “he is being removed out of respect for Nancy and Daniel”.

There’s a bit of a flaw in the logic over the recall vote. Because it takes 60% of the vote to get in, so if a majority voted for him to be out, then obviously that means in 2008, less than 60% of voters still wanted him in.

I will cut a little slack in that this was pretty unprecedented for Melzer to deal with, not to mention that he considered Benoit to be a friend. But with 15 years of hindsight, I think it’s a no-brainer. Especially since there is no physical Hall of Fame, and it’s not like he’s profiting or otherwise benefitting from it the way some other inductees might, so any removal would be 100% symbolic.

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