Worst Royal Rumble match

just thought of another one that wasn’t that great and that the 1993 royal rumble. Nothing really happened in that one, they tried to make us believe that backlund had a shot at winning that match by giving him the ironman spot of the rumble only to eliminated him second to last and then the dumb ending of macho man doing the top rope elbow on yokozuna and then covering him only to get push out of the ring made no sense and made one of the all time great look stupid in the process. 93 isn’t talk about by many people but that was one of the first bad rumble match in the history of the rumble

1999, 2014, and 2015 are the ones that sting the most to me. Those last two really deflated the crowd, '15 early on in the match no less, and I feel had really misguided choices. I was there live for '15 as well, but in a club box and kind of isolated from the really angry fans. '99 was a serious bore.

The 40-man Rumble and 50-man Greatest Royal Rumble can fuck right off, thank you very little

The answer is last years Greatest Royal Rumble by a mile. It was terrible in every way. It had random nobodies from NXT to get to fill all the spots. Poor booking. A dead crowd. The Saudi Arabia bullshit. It messed up the Wrestlemana booking. And an hour long match is only worth any investment if there’s something on the line.

LOL Greatest Royal Rumble isn’t canon.

Aside from the star power and Heenan’s commentary the 92 Rumble is actually bad if you watch it. Its just guys hanging on to the ropes and no big moments or great eliminations. I think it is has just become the cool thing to say rather than people’s actual opinion. Was it as beloved at the time?

The star power and Heenans commentary was all you needed.

If the vast majority of people’s opinion are its one of the GOAT rumbles…I wouldn’t dismiss it as “the cool thing to say”…being the contrarian seems like being the cool.guy.

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You mean you don’t like THE CORREE?

The end with Hogan and Sid, the whole performance by Ric Flair.