Worst wrestling take you’ve seen recently.

So I see a fair few posts about wrestling on social media and dear god reading the comments is so painful so I thought it might be fun to share a few terrible takes on wrestling I’ve seen recently.

1.) AEW fans saying “why isn’t anyone complaining about WWE roster bloat when they have more wrestlers than AEW.” My favorite part of this was when it was pointed out that WWE has way more TV time saying “well no one watches the 3rd hour of raw and AEW has Dark and Elevation, so it is close.”

2.) The “it’s still real to me Roman haters”. I see all the time that Roman sucks because “he only wins because the Usos interfere and without them he can’t beat anyone.” As if it were a real completion and not scripted.

3.) HHH has Ruined Dominic by adding him to Judgement day.

Has anyone actually said any of these things?

I see a lot of people saying AEW is dying - which is a terrible take given PPV buys and dynamite ratings.

Yes Rampage is down but that doesn’t mean the company is dying


“The worst part about wrestling is the wrestling itself.” :roll_eyes:


For me is usually tribal bullshit.

“WWE sucks, bloodline is not over, Roman is not a main event level performer”

'AEW is awful. They are a WWE knockoff, and they are no different then TNA".

I’m paraphrasing, but you get the gist of it.

I also hate how people like to associate politics with wrestling as if all AEW fans and performers are Democrats while all WWE fans and performers are Republicans. I think these stupid takes lead to some of the tribalism TBH as politics tend to make people crazy.


Everything he wrote I’ve seen. Social Media is awful with wrestling takes. I mostly see in Tik Tok comment sections, but Twitter is pretty bad to.

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Context is important for this one. I think its fair to criticize the booking and over-reliance of The Bloodline interfering with matches. It’s made a lot of Roman’s big matches predictable that they would interfere. And the over-reliance on their interference has kept Roman from being seen as a singular star for the current Era because he’s not on a Super-Cena or Lesnar post WM30 or Triple H 2002 era run.

The Bloodline work together as a group terrifically and should stay as a group. Roman’s matches with anyone besides Brock have all been good over the past 3 years since the heel turn. But every now and again Roman should tell the Bloodline to stay behind he wants to beat up Drew McIntyre or Finn Balor or Edge by himself. It’s what separates cowardly heels which are a dime-a-dozen in WWE from a worldbeater heel seen as the biggest star in the company.

Yup all of these were literally taken off comments on wrestling posts.

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Yes I can see a complaint about them using it as a crutch. But a lot of these people are “he could never beat Brock (insert wrestler here) if the Usos didn’t get involved.”

Literally like the person is a loser because of the booking.

No problem if you think an act is stale or what now.

I do wonder if WWE is afraid if Roman stands on his own more that he will get cheered.

Basically any WWEvsAEW conversations.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and in my opinion anyone who only watches one product while going out of their way to poo poo the other is an absolute idiot.


I think most of what’s been said above comes down to people making arguments in bad faith. Stuff like pretending to like/dislike something because of which performer or promotion did it or cherry-picking ratings data that “proves” their point. Everybody who does that eventually becomes a hypocrite, and if you’re paying attention, it only takes about five tweets, message board posts, etc. to figure it out.

I don’t understand why people spend so much time pretending to like or dislike something that they don’t actually like or dislike. What are they getting out of it?


The ratings one cracked me up. It was literally no one (1.4 million people the previous week) watches the 3rd hour of RAW so WWE has 6 hours of TV and AEW has Dark and Elevation so they technically have 5 hours. Leaving AEW alone for a minute NXT is way less than. The 3rd hour so how is the guy giving WWE credit for those hours in his argument.

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This one is probably more about me being old than anything else, but I can’t stand the way that teenagers (and 20-somethings, it seems) idolize certain wrestlers. Even overlooking the part where they tweet like it’s all real when their wrestler wins but snap right back into “bad booking” when the lose, it just doesn’t seem healthy to be that invested in a person/character you don’t know. Entire social media accounts to borderline stalk certain wrestlers, particularly women, are just creepy.

This is also my sigh of relief that we didn’t have Twitter when I was 12… my Sunny fan account would be humiliating (and potentially criminal) to look back on.


Anybody who uses Cornette-isms to talk about wrestling (“Kenny Olivier” and the like) is usually a jag. I think I agree with JC more than the average fan — without the “these people deserve to die” attitude — but using his stupid nicknames tells me that you’re not thinking for yourself.


(becoming a one-man party in this thread, but I’ve been bored at work this week…)

One of the worst “modern” takes is also one of the worst takes from the Monday Night Wars. Why is it such a stigma to be an “ex-WWE” guy? AEW isn’t allowed to hire anybody that leaves WWE? Because WWE has never released a talented wrestler?

Another bad faith argument that people pretend to believe because it helps their narrative. And yes, there will soon be more “ex-AEW” guys and I’m sure both sides of the tribal bullshit will be equally as ridiculous and hypocritical when that time comes.


Yeah it is pretty dumb to hate on that. Many ex-WWE guys were somewhere else first, and WWE made them into “stars” because it has the largest platform of any wrestling company by a ton. Like take the ex-WWE guys out of early AEW and does anyone really think it does as well as it did? No Cody, Dustin, Mox, or Jericho. Literally your first 2 world champions, your first TNT champion. Tow of the guys that out on probably the best match at their first PPV (as AEW).

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Another aspect is how people are even defining a WWE guys. It’s essentially just anybody who’s been in WWE at some point. All the other places they’ve been and that they were successful enough to be signed by WWE in the first place goes out the window, they’re WWE guys instead of professional wrestlers who have worked for WWE during their career. That’s part of the point of WWE creating their own “universe” of “superstars” outside the general world of pro wrestling.

I spent around a decade not watching wrestling so missed Bryan Danielson and CM Punk in WWE, I mostly associate them with ROH and I’ve never even considered them “WWE guys”. In fact the opposite as it seems pretty clear from their words and actions that WWE was just a stage in their careers. Same with Moxley and to a lesser extent Jericho.

A “WWE guy” should be wrestlers who actually made their name and success through WWE. Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton etc etc. Not wrestlers who’ve had long successful careers all over the world across countless promotions, including the biggest one WWE.


I think that is largely cause by scale. For most viewers of Wrestling the only place they have seen those guys is WWE simply because they have a much larger audience. You are 100% correct but there is a reason it happens. Now if WWE acknowledged a wrestlers history they might see some difference in that but largely they don’t

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The one I hear is……WWF used to mean Wrestling. Then McMahon changed it to WWE to mean Entertainment. Now, before he was shown the door, he should have changed it again to WWP to mean Pantomime.

The new breed is trying to toughen it up a bit now, but it has a way to go to get back to respectable. Time for Reigns to go. He is old shoes now and has lost any cred with all the interference over the years.

New fav: guy who is always spouting that “AEW is wrestling and WWE is sports entertainment,” but thinks “scissor me, daddy ass” is the greatest thing ever.


I mean pro-wrestling is sports entertainment this notion that they are separate is just a WWE creation by pushing the sports entertainer term.