WOS Wrestling Episode 1 Thread

The long awaited new World of Sport series, “WOS Wrestling”, debuts on ITV in the UK today at 5pm local time for a ten week run (though if the ratings don’t hold up, ITV have the right to pull it mid-season). The commentary team are Stu Bennett (fka Wade Barrett), Alex Shane and SoCal Val, and the series is supposedly taking the in-ring more seriously than the pilot did in 2016.

Grado returns as the WOS Champion, and the likes of Will Ospreay, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Rampage Brown and Nathan Cruz are among the competitors on the male side, while Viper returns, joined this time by Kay Lee Ray, Bea Priestley, Kasey Owens and Ayesha Raymond. The first episode has a five way elimination match to determine a challenger for Grado’s title.

Feel free to post your thoughts here, and the BWE lads will be doing a show on it too!

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I hope it’s a more serious presentation than the pilot. It’s a family show and time slot, so i don’t expect New Japan, but less foam hands would be good.

I’m a little iffy about that commentary team to be honest. It has the talent roster to produce a great show that’s for sure but I’m gonna wait and see what they produce.

From someone that has seen the first episode, I was told SoCal Val did well on commentary.

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Alex Shane gave a pre-warning that Ospreay’s Cheeky Nando’s Kick will have a new name due to advertising laws…

That’s good to know. I’m unaware if she’s done commentary before.

We’re just about to get underway on ITV (and STV in Scotland)!

Funky camera angle - Ospreay/DBS Jr. looks fun.

Enjoying this thus far. Bennett/Barratt is really good in his role as GM. Presentation is good, crowd is loud, the whole show has a frantic, exciting feel to it.

They aren’t providing an official hashtag, so the show isn’t trending like it should.

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Episode 1 heel turn!

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Show is flying by. The rest might not be for everyone but Ospreay/DBS Jr exceeded any expectation I had for in the In-ring on show one.

While I’m here, just a note that we’ll be doing a BWE pretty soon after this finishes so any feedback, get it in quick in the show thread, and we’ll read it out.