Wrestlemania 35 Card updated on March 26th

Just a little rough idea with some predictions added in, it will be interesting to see how the show shapes up in the coming weeks.

*Raw women’s championship: Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte vs Becky lynch.

*Universal championship: Brock lesnar vs Seth Rollins.

*Smackdown championship: Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston or Rey mysterio.

*Triple H vs Batista.

*The Undertaker Match/Segment???

*John Cena vs Drew McIntyre.

*Smackdown Women’s championship: Asuka vs Lacey Evans.

*Shane McMahon vs The Miz.

*Randy Orton Vs AJ Styles.

*Womens tag team championship Bayley/Sasha banks vs Trish/Lita.

*Kurt Angle Retirement match.

*Nia Jax vs Dean Ambrose.

*Intercontinental championship Finn Balor vs ???

*United States championship: R-Truth vs ???

*Raw tag championship: The Revival vs ???

*Smackdown tag championship: The Uso’s vs ???

*Cruiserweight championship: Buddy Murphy vs KUSHIDA.

*Men’s/Women’s Battle Royal.


If they have that many matches on the card, it’s going to midnight easily.

They had 14 matches last year in total so I would of thought not all titles will be defended, but still a lot of matches.

I got tired just reading the match list


The following matches already look like they are definitely happening at Wrestlemania:

*Raw women’s championship: Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte vs Becky lynch.

*Universal championship: Brock lesnar vs Seth Rollins.

*Shane McMahon vs The Miz.

*Randy Orton Vs AJ Styles.

*Men’s/Women’s Battle Royal

And I’m sure the following titles will be defended:

*Smackdown championship: Daniel Bryan vs ?? (not convinced its Kofi or Mysterio)

*Womens tag team championship Bayley/Sasha banks vs ?? (not convinced its Trish/Lita for a face vs face match. It could be Tamina/Jax or the IIconics)

*Smackdown Women’s championship: Asuka vs ??? (hopefully it’s not Lacey)

*Intercontinental championship Finn Balor vs ??? (Drew? Or a multi-man match?)

*Cruiserweight championship: Buddy Murphy vs ??

That’s 10 matches i’m sure will happen and leaves a lot of big stars without matches or thrown into the Battle Royal.

*Triple H vs Batista - Not convinced this happens. Triple H may still be injured.

*The Undertaker Match/Segment???

*John Cena vs Drew McIntyre - Cena may be a better challenger for Daniel Bryan. The push for McIntyre seems to have slowed down and he’ll probably just be in the battle royal.

*Raw or SD tag championship - Not convinced either belt gets defended at WM.

Yeah I did think about Bryan vs Cena at mania it’s a good shout I mean there gunna break that ric flair record at sometime right…

I think In the end the smackdown women’s match will just be a multi-woman match sadly for asuka

Well looks like I was wrong about that and that it is definitely happening.

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I wonder, with the roster larger than ever, if they try and make the mens/womens battle royals a bigger deal? Maybe put something on the line for them? A title shot on Raw the next night? Or SD on the Tuesday? If they added some of the higher mid-card talents on the roster who don’t have a match lined up maybe they could get a bit of value out of this. Plus create a match for the following night for people to grasp onto

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I think that makes a lot of sense. With no strong contender for the Women’s championship they could have Auska defend it in the Battle Royal. While the IC or US title is defended in the Men’s.

One big new name that hadn’t been mentioned yet is Roman Reigns. What is his match at Wrestlemania? Is he inserted into the Lesnar vs Rollins match? Roman never lost the title and the story would be that Reigns in the match would create a lot of fresh friction between Reigns and Rollins. While also making it seem like Lesnar might actually lose at WM in a 2 vs 1 (3 vs 1 if Ambrose gets involved).

i’ve heard that the whole Kevin owens think was so that he could return as a babyface and challenge Bryan for the title at mania so if that’s true i feel the card might look something like this

Raw women’s championship match
Ronda rousey vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

Universal championship match
Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins (maybe with roman reigns in his corner)

HHH vs Batista

WWE championship match
Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens

Randy Orton Vs AJ Styles

Smackdown Women’s championship match
Asuka vs Lacey Evans

WWE Intercontinental championship match Ladder Match

Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley Vs Lio Rush vs Baron Corbin

Drew Mcintyre vs Braun Strowman

Shane Mcmahon vs The Miz

Kickoff matches

Women’s battle royal
men’s battle royal

WWE cruiserweight championship match
Buddy Murphy vs winner of cruiserweight tournament

Smackdown tag team championship match
The Uso’s vs Rusev & nakamura

WWE u.s championship match

R-truth vs Samoa Joe (Joe just squash truth in less then a minute)

I always loved this idea. It makes too much sense for the WWE though.

it’s a good idea but i feel like since both battle royal are probably going to be on the kickoff, they pretty much just going to let it be a nothing match like they did in previous years. What would be a fun idea is to give the winners a exemption from being drafted during the superstar shake up. So the winner is guaranteed to stay on his or her brand

I would rather Kofi win the title and set up a match with BiG E the next night (ala Batista and Hunter turning on Orton after his big win) Where Big E drops Kofi during a huge celebration the next night. I think that’s a hell of an angle and more interesting for the title.
Plus, it’s the secondary title anyway and it attempts to move two guys further up the card.

The with Bryan - Roman comes out for Bryan and calls him out for turning on the fans who begged and prayed he could come back to do what he loved. And now Roman knows what that’s like and it’s a natural good program for love of the fans with two guys who almost had to retire and big enough names to have a non title match

EDIT I wrote this before seeing Smackdown.

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I like the kofi title celebration with - Big E angle idea a lot I hope it happens the smackdown after mania.

I keep trying to predict how the nxt call-ups get on the show I see the revival maybe dropping the tag titles before mania and you have DIY vs Black/Ricochet or you could even keep the revival involved and have a 3-way tag.

With Gargano & Ciampa not even being on the shows this week(other than brief appearances for the Flair party) I think they are going to keep those 2 away until after Mania. I think HHH maybe got into Vinces ear, to hold off until after their feud in NXT.


No matter how good the card might be, I just can’t get past the fact that the length of this show is going to be daunting.

After 3-4 hours, for me any decent match (In ring) I feel is boring.

Feel that they would have to do a couple of gimmick matches to mix things up a bit

Let’s face it, Hunter and Batista is going at least 20 minutes.

Might have to do this show in 2 parts


That Nia-Dean match wont happen. Either they keep him off the ppv completely because hes leaving, or the match does happen and Dean goes out putting Nia over

And when you consider Orton and AJ as a undercard match. Or Balor as undercard (the entrance is a stadium is must see for me). It’s insane that there isn’t a lot I will want to miss and show up late for. Even the pre show, undoubtedly a good match will be on the pre show and get me into the venue well before I was ready to spend 6+ hours there. I’m nervous for the casuals I’m attending with. A few years ago they went home from our party before Brock and Goldberg. That’s rough.

So what are we looking at this year? 8 hour show, 5 hour kickoff? I think that seems about right to cram everybody on the roster into the show, especially with the addition of the NXT call-ups. Maybe there will be 4 battle royals to get everybody without a match onto the show and keep the show’s run time down to 5 hours. Wrestlemania is a joke because of its length, and getting onto the show doesn’t mean anything anymore because everyone has a spot (unless you’re on 205 Live).

With that being said, the only things I’m looking forward to are the Raw Women’s Title Match, whatever match Daniel Bryan is in (I’m sure they’ll pair him with someone he can tear the house down with), and maybe the Universal Title match as long as it doesn’t go too long (Brock matches often get boring if they go longer than 15 minutes). Otherwise, I don’t think anything will live up to expectations because most wrestlers with talent get buried so no matter how good their matches are there is no heat (e.g. The Revival), or garbage wrestlers get pushed and have garbage matches (e.g. Baron Corbin).