Wrestlemania 35?

When are they announcing the location??? I’ve been patiently waiting and hoping it ends up in Detroit

It’s in India i’m afraid.


Appears Detroit is out of the running based on this article.

Other rumored cities are Philly and NY. I’ve also seen articles saying Detroit still in play. I’d expect an announcement any day now.

Doesn’t WWE normally announce the location of next year’s wrestlemania during Wrestlemania week or even at Wrestlemania itself?

I personally hope that either London or Canada finally get’s a wrestlemania (or second for Canada) but I don’t see it happening. I live in Texas so a local one would of course be great but the southeast USA has had a lot of wrestlemanias the past couple of years.

Another west coast wrestlemania would be really nice. San Diego would be beautiful to visit in April.

According to Brad Shepherd (who did a lot of work breaking the new XFL news), it’s at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

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We are in a world where they are more likely to cycle through the same locations over and over again like NY, New Orleans, and Orlando as opposed to visiting fresh locations. Kinda disappointed by that.

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I’d love a Wrestlemania at BC Place…but Vacouver is too damn stupid to pull that off.


Yeah, I hope that they do it in London at Wembley Stadium.

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It has become such a huge financial cornerstone for the company that it would be a huge risk to go somewhere other than a major market. While the event itself will likely be a sell-out every year for the foreseeable future, they need to make sure they are in a “destination” where the entirety of the Wrestlemania week events (Access, Takeover, Raw and Smackdown) will all be huge draws.


I remember hearing awhile back on some podcast that they were going to the east coast. Possibly NYC again. Look for Atlanta getting it again. New stadium, MSP new stadium. LA will get it once the Rams and Chargers stadium built. Las Vegas when the Raiders Stadium is up.

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I don’t see it ever leaving the states. Why risk it? They won’t stop going to NY/NJ/Florida until those markers stop showing up. I don’t even think wwe would run a major ppv in the north west.

It would be the third for Canada. I’m surprised Toronto hasn’t had another Wrestlemania given the relationship they have up here with Rogers.

The Survivor Series weekend they had sold out all the events but Smackdown. Maybe it’s not worth the risk of a bad exchange rate #MAGA.

The days of Mania in a arena are over. So Chicago won’t get it again. Are football stadium is a joke. Spaceship on a football field. Besides WWE likes warm climates mainly just like the Super Bowl. Once every couple of years they go to northern area just like the Super Bowl

I’d love to keep lobbying for a Vancouver Mania…have a stadium, have an arena for NXT, Raw and Smackdown, an pretty damn good airport…the local government though makes everything difficult, there’s a reason why UFC didn’t come back and it’s smack dab in the middle of the NHL playoffs…even if the Canucks stink…

Maybe a Summerslam weekend could work.

I’ve heard that they don’t want to take the risk of the event being cancelled do to the weather so unless a town as a stadium as a roof, they won’t go in the northeast. But I feel like It’s time tpthat wrestlemania comes back to Canada but I guess they will go back to either Florida or California next year.

Wembley won’t be happening for a few years, Chelsea will be using it as a football stadium for the next 2-3 years while their new stadium gets built, surely if it was Philadelphia they’d announce it this week(it is normally announced January/February).

The 3 rumored locations are NYC/New Jersey, Philly and Detroit. Since nothing has been announced yet my guess is the location will be announced in March.

Apparently MetLife has got the gig again


Heard UK fans labor over the idea of a London wrestlemania but I just don’t see it happening

Chicago (my town) is less likely to have it with Solider Field not being domed, and weather here being questionable that time of year

Toronto would be great, and has the ability to pull in regional audiences

NY\NJ getting it in 2019, sounds about right. The local business revenue from WM29 was pretty big.

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I don’t undertand those UK fans. We’re in the most spoilt place in the world for wrestling, yet people are always up in arms about not having a PPV over here, not to mention a WrestleMania.

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