Wrestlemania 9

So, what was that ending to the Money Inc vs. Hogan-Beefcake match? Thats was so odd! Was this just another example of “Hulk’s gotta pose, brother?”

I loved Hogan’s interview before the main event, talking about how Bret was a Hulkamaniac and how “all the Hulkamaniacs were standing behind Bret.” Yeah, sure Hulk…

And what was the deal with the announcers constantly talking about Lex Luger attacking Bret Hart in the catering area…did anything ever come out of that? I dont remember there being any follow-up to that so Im guessing the supposed feud between Lex and Bret got canceled when they decided to turn Lex babyface?

The 2 opening matches were the only really good matches on this show. It was a pretty bad Wrestlemania!

Doink brah, you makin kids cry, brah?

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I loved the Doink character but his match with Crush at this Wrestlemania was not good. The ending was quite creative though…

Yeah the Doink ending is one of the more memorable in Mania history.

Doink could have been a monster heel had he been used in a more dark and sinister way. There was potential there. His heel music was amazing as well.

WM 9 is actually pretty entertaining, What kills it is the worst ending in ppv history.

I’m glad somebody enjoyed the show, I personally thought it was the worst Wrestlemania ever,

Yoko vs Bret was fine & Headshrinkers vs Steiners was ok but the rest of the show was terrible.

1993 is such a horrible year for WWF that the Headshrinkers/Steiners match is a legit MOTYC for them.

It’s a much easier watch for me than wrestlemanias 1 through 4.

This was my first event that I got to see on PPV so I still have fond memory of this event. The opening match was a good match considering this was a rush program because jannety got fired before the event and they had to find somebody to replace him.

The rest rated from good to o.k. the only low point of the show was giant Gonzalez vs undertaker but they did the best they could considering the health of Gonzalez at the time. For me it wasn’t the best or worst mania of all time, it was just a run of the mill mania and compared to mania 8 and 16, that was felt like a great event.

Well nothing came out of the Luger angle because everything got thrown into chaos when Hogan refused to drop the title to Bret at Summerslam and it resulted in WWE making Luger their ‘I love America’ top babyface. Bret really got shafted in 93 but I won’t lie I like Yoko looking bad. He wasn’t great in the ring at all but he was solid and you could buy him as the champ.

NYoko was actually pretty good for a guy his size, he had some really good house show matches against Bret where he was allowed to do more.

There’s a steel cage match between the two what was on YouTube what’s really good.

EDIT Here it is, it’s a fan cam so not the best quality